10 Amazing Facts About Facebook Usage You Probably Didn’t Know

In a world that heavily relies on social media for many different outlets, there are bound to be some secrets inside many of the top social media platforms. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Facebook, and 10 facts about the social media giant you probably didn’t know.

Number of Advertisers

Currently, there are over 5 million advertisers on Facebook. This is a direct result of social media being heavily used for commercial advertising, because it basically costs, well…nothing.

How Much You’re Worth

On average, Facebook earns about $6.18 per user that lives in the US or Canada. Don’t worry, I’m sure you are valued much higher in other areas. Despite this, the US and Canada are hot zones for active users, so it’s important to them to keep these residents happy.

Loss of Funds

When Facebook goes down, they lose $24,420 every minute that goes by. That is about what minimum wage in the U.S. will get you per year in just a minute’s time.

If you live in China, Well Sorry.

China has banned Facebook in its country since 2009. The country discourages social media and has had the giant of it banned for nearly 10 years.

Check Your Password

On average, 60,000 attempts of hacking are made daily. Having a good, secure password is necessary, especially when on such a big stage such as Facebook. This also may discourage you from putting so much private information on the platform, as already so many do.

Stalker Much?

Facebook is no stranger to tracking your every move, so this fact shouldn’t be all too much of a surprise if you were unfamiliar with it. Facebook keeps track of every sight you visit, regardless if you’re active or not.

Oh, The Horror!

There are roughly 30 million deceased Facebook users. It is a creepy statistic, but yet an interesting one.To be sure, make sure when you go to friend a stranger, they’re still around.

Fake People

Roughly 8.7 percent of Facebook users are actually not even real people. There have been many people who have been caught up in friending fake profiles, even going as so far as to falling in love with them. Be weary when looking for love on social media, as the person in the pictures not might be who you think it is!

Stalkers, Yet Again

According to a study, 88% of people involved in a break-up will secretly follow what their ex is up to and how they’re doing. It might just be curiosity but could always lead into having a real stalker.

Adults Can Be Worse Than Kids

On average, 68% of all adult users spend their time on application when on their mobile device. An odd statistic for Facebook to collect, which just shows how Facebook can really watch your activity throughout the day. Besides that, though, that is nearly 70% of time spent on apps for all adults when on their phone, proving applications are the way of the future.


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