10 Easy Tips To Follow To Improve Your Printed Advertising

10 Easy Tips To Follow To Improve Your Printed Advertising

1. Serif fonts are your friends.

When you are selecting your font, keep in mind that serif fonts are up to four times easier to read than sans-serif fonts. Make it as easy as possible for you readers to access your content by selecting a serif font.

2. Invest in high quality graphics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, pick a good picture and those thousand words will all be positive. A bad picture will just rubbish you from the start. There are many companies who can supply stock photos, the largest of them being ShutterStock and AdobeStock. Equally, if you have brand guidelines – make sure you stick to them!

3. Include a telephone number or website/email address.

This is about trust. Consumers feel that they can trust a business that they can easily contact. If you have a telephone number, email or web address it makes you business seem more legitimate. Most people won’t even consider ringing the number, but its presence has an important psychological effect.

4. Pick coupon style borders.

Although a little dated, if you are advertising in local magazines the dashed line that is typically used for coupons will draw a readers’ attention. The coupon line is almost a short hand for savings. By using this to border your advert, you will draw people’s attention to what you have to say.

5. Avoid having a P.O. Box for your address.

This is similar to the telephone number issue. A lot of consumers are weary of companies that only have a P. O. Box for their address. It can make it seem like you company is not going to be around for long, or that it is too small to be worth dealing with. If you need to use a P.O Box there are ways around it. You use the words, Unit or, Suite, to replace the words P.O. Box. The postal service will still be able to deliver your mail, if you’re not sure send a few pieces of mail to yourself, that way your mail carrier will know what to expect.

6. Don’t use too much text

Readers won’t read adverts that have too much text, they will switch off and skip to the next thing. So, decide what it is that you need to say and then make it snappy and to the point.

7. Use your layout to aid the natural flow of the page.

When people are reading content the first thing they look at is the picture, next is the headline and finally the copy. By putting your content in that order, you will be encouraging readers to flow through your advert. If the image is after the headline. They may look at the image, then go to the headline and stop at that point. Also make sure the image is relevant an eye-catching.

8. Integrate your print campaigns with your online ones.

Make sure to mention your print campaign on your social media feeds and website and use the same images, that way it will reinforce your brand and your message when people look you up. On your printed advertisements, include the logos of any social media you use so that your customers will find you.

9. Make it easy for readers to find your online website.

Whatever your main online presence is, make sure that it is mentioned on your advertising. If you really want to make it easy for you readers, why not use a QR code or dedicated url to pull them straight to a unique page so that you can track the visitors and statistics.

10. KISS – keep it simple, stupid

Keep this acronym in mind and you won’t go too far wrong.

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