10 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018!

10 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018!

If you are a manager or business owner then you will not be unfamiliar with the need to build and constantly expand your online presence.

Why? Put simply; the new generation of consumers have more chance of spotting you online than they do of looking up from their phones long enough to glimpse the signage outside your shop. As the years progress and digital trends prevail we, as business owners, need to rise to the demand or risk falling by the wayside.

Just in case we haven’t properly convinced you yet, here are ten reasons why you need a Digital Marketing strategy in 2018!

1.    Digital Marketing has better ROI than other advertising means. It’s cheaperthan television, radio or newspaper to advertise online. Social media can be harnessed to spread word of your brand and to funnel potential clients towards your products. Used properly, a Digital Marketing campaign can fully utilise this to your companies advantage.

2.    Pro companies are cheap to hire and will boost your profit margins. Once they streamline your processes and tidy up your online domain you will see near instant benefits as customers are funnelled towards you through processes like Search Engine Optimization.

3.    Digital Marketing opens lines of communication between you and consumersthat you ordinarily wouldn’t have found. Also, the more ways that customers have to contact you the more trust they have in your company. Customers that trust you are twice as likely to buy from you in the future.

4.    It works in real time… meaning your company is available to reach all the time – but also meaning that you can handle requests and questions from wherever you are in the world – and probably from your handset!

5.    Purchasing from you mobile phone is on the rise. Estimates are that 15% of the time spent on an average mobile phone is spent product browsing. You absolutely must have a Digital Marketing plan that accommodates this.

6.    Advertising through Apps is incredibly cheap. Cheap as in fifty cents per two thousand impressions.

7.    Affiliate Marketing works wonders for brand loyalty. If your Digital Marketing plan takes affiliate, trusted and reputable brands and aligns them alongside yours you will all benefit from better custom.

8.    Digital Marketing has a directly positive effect on Public Relations. Your PR team work best when a strategy is in place. Opening up lines of communication between your business and your clients should be their responsibility and therefore they will benefit most from a properly observed Digital Marketing Strategy.

9.    Digital Marketing is easier to track than traditional Marketing. You can see everything you need to at the click of a button, rather than scrolling through sheaths of paper. It is also a much smaller step in data entry than traditional Marketing requires. Data can be moved between databases or spreadsheets and the internet as needed.

10. Your successful competitors will either be planning a strategy for themselves or have already. If you want to stay on top then you better get started now. Make Digital Marketing a priority in 2018, and watch your business flourish!

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