10 Simple Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

10 Simple Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

Every public figure knows that the best way to maintain a whole host of free advertising options is to build their own online empire – and to properly maintain it. If you are a professional in any capacity then Linkedin is one of the sites that you need to be visible on!

Linkedin is the Social networking site for corporate types, and is designed to let you keep track of former colleagues, hire or change job, advertise yourself within your chosen profession and uncover new business opportunities.

It’s fair to say that everyone who is everyone is on Linkedin theses days – so we have put together a list of tips to help you maximise your profiles potential!

  1. Linkedin is all about growing and maintaining a network of like minded sorts who all have mutually beneficial skills or jobs. Entrepreneur.com recommend you should aim for two to three new connections every week, and remember to maintain those that you already have.
  2. Following on from tip number one; SocialMediaExaminer.com have an article that focuses specifically on how to grow your connections. One of their top tips (and ours) is to post updates to your profile daily – if possible. We would recommend that you post more than once per day, and professional advice has it that you ought to post three times or more daily to keep yourself fresh in client’s minds.
  3. Linkedin themselves give some advice on how you can maximise the potential within your profile. They look at aspects such as how to take the best photograph for your profile and adding background details.
  4. Once your profile looks its best, you must reach out to those that Linkedin suggests to you, accept any and all requests for connections and talk to everyone!
  5. Many professionals agree that a snappy headline will grab the attention of any prospective new connections. Work on your headline and avoid any overused buzzwords.
  6. Make sure your status and information are always up to date – however, according to cision.com, you must be ‘judicious‘ with your updates. Remember that Linkedin is a professional social media platform, and keep your Facebook statuses at bay!
  7. According to most sites, customizing your URL will attract positive attention. This website talks you through how to change your URL. A good one should say something about yourself or your business. My personal url is “webdesignexcellence” and I’ve had it for years!
  8. Shameless self promotion! Set up links to your Linkedin account all over the internet and invite members to your groups.
  9. We recommend that you write a short and catchy profile which optimises secondary SEO keywords over some overused primary ones. We found an infographicthat summarises this and gives you a few other useful tips to boot!
  10. Create showcase pages to highlight your best products, skills and talents. This will give potential clients or colleagues a glimpse into what you do and how you do it, and promote your goals.

Hopefully you’ve found some of these tips useful, don’t forget if you have your own tips please feel free to share them!

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