10 Things To Consider When Creating Video Content

10 Things To Consider When Creating Video Content

Whatever your reasons are for making video content, the following are ten golden rules that will stand you in good stead.

1 Keep it short to start with. Human attention spans are short! People are not going to invest a large amount of time in unknown content. While you are still new and building your following keep your videos short. Around a minute is about optimal. You don’t want to be going far past the 3-minute mark. Basically, if your video is too long no one will stick around to see the ending.

2 Make sure your video works without audio. A lot of video content us shared via social media platforms and is viewed on mobile devices. The combination if these two facts means that a lot of people may watch your video without the audio, so make sure that it still stands up without the sound. Subtitles can be a real help here.

3 Decide on a schedule and stick to it. Releasing content on a regular schedule will keep your audience engaged. It will also push you to keep going with your endeavour. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is but communicate it to your viewers, then stick to it.

4 Don’t try to make a viral video. People are quick to pick up on content that feels fake or staged and they won’t be forgiving. Just create something honest that you think will be interesting, then let the internet do it’s thing.

5 Be clear on what your message is. Know what it is you really want to get over in each video. It is amazing how many content creators don’t seem to think about this and just end up waffling.

6 Write, then review your script. Just trust me on this, unless you are a seasoned professional, making it up as you go along is unlikely to turn out well. A well polished script is your best friend.

7 Don’t beat around the bush. Get to your point in under 10 seconds or you’ll lose your audience. The drop off of viewers in the beginning of videos is massive. You have to give them a reason to keep watching.

8 Make time to storyboard. This is as important as your script, you need to plan what your video will look like. If you don’t you may finish filming and then realise that you don’t have all shots that you need.

9 Keep it simple. You are making an internet video, not a blockbuster what more need I say?

10 Overestimate the time everything will take. It will all take longer than you think, and you have a schedule to keep to. A small thing like an unexpected sound on your recording can take a lot of time to remove, so allow yourself the time to be a perfectionist, your viewers will appreciate it.

Keep these tips mind and you’ll soon be racking up subscribers, most of all though try and have fun with it because that comes through loud and clear.

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