10 Ways To Use Social Proof To Boost Your Results

10 Ways To Use Social Proof To Boost Your Results

Social proof is an essential tool in promoting any business. It can be used to boost results exponentially in a short matter of time. Here are ten tips on how to use social proof effectively:

1. Set & Reach Milestones

By setting milestones and showing your clients that you can reach them, you’re showing people that you’re working towards the future and have a plan. By making milestones reachable you can celebrate your achievements with your target audience and keep them invested in your product or service. Reaching milestones provides proof to people that the company is moving forward and focused on success making them more interested in investing in them.

2. Get User Generated Content

User generated content is an excellent way of using social proof for a boost. A great example of this used is with Instagram. There are some companies that have had great success getting users involved in campaigns where they post photos with the company’s product and its hashtag. The photos are great because they are a source of free advertisement. They also show the good will people have towards the brand, inspiring confidence in others.

3. Use Certification and Badges

If have an accreditation, certification, badge or any other form of recognition from an independent group you should use it by making sure it’s on display or mentioned on your website. Showing that you’ve met a standard or achieved a feat adds validity to your brand. People are more inclined to trust and chose you when you’re backed by trusted groups.

4. Show Testimonials

People want to know what other people’s first-hand experiences are. One of the most tried and true ways to use social proof is to display your best testimonials for everyone to see how great your product or service is. People are more inclined to go with someone their peers have recommended.

5. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook has over two billion active users so advertising on there is a sure way to get some attention. As a bonus feature with Facebook there are a variety of algorithms which give you the ability to get specific with your target audience. For example, having your advertisement appear for a particular age group or location, increasing the likelihood its well received.

6. Encourage Facebook Page Ratings

As mentioned above Facebook has a massive user base so it’s important to take advantage of it. Make sure you have a presence on Facebook and encourage people to leave feedback on your page. People will be more inclined to check you out if they can see the community views you positively.

7. Show Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate how good your product or service is. Case studies provide objective data that can be reviewed and trusted by potential customers, People are more likely to choose you over the competitors if you can show proven results with case studies.

8. Get Experts Involved

Invite experts to come on your social media to have a Q&A or talk on a topic. By getting an expert on in on your social platform or social media campaign you’re effectively getting your message out to all of their fans. This is called the ‘Halo’ effectand can be used as a way to reach a lot of people fast.

9. Celebrity Endorsements

People look up to and trust celebrities or influencers. By getting the endorsement of a celebrity or such like, you can spread your brand name to all of their fan base generating great word of mouth. People that think highly of this person are more likely to associate them with your product as well.

10. Create Surveys and Share Results

People are often in a rush and don’t have time to leave a full review. Having a multiple-choice survey is a quick and easy way for customers to leave feedback. Surveys can increase how many customers leave their opinion. If the results are mostly positive, then they can be great social proof to share on social media.

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