12 Easy Steps To Creating Great Content

12 Easy Steps To Creating Great Content

To create great content for blogs, websites, or in general there’s several things you need to keep in mind. Here’s 12 easy steps to create great content that you should know about.

1. Brainstorm

Sounds simple…But before you create content brainstorm some ideas. You should have a general idea of what you want to write about before you begin. This could also include research around the keywords and related phrases you may need to include for SEO.

2. Narrow Down the Topic

Once you have figured out what you to write about, narrow down topics to something specific. This will make it easier to get the writing done quickly. You should always work on one thing before you move onto the next so finish one piece of writing at a time.

3. Research

Before you write make sure you research the topic first to learn more about it. Make note of dates, people, time, statistics, and so on. You want the content to be as accurate as possible. Research is important in writing, so try these writing research tips, to help you out.

4. Organise

Before you write, organise what you need to do. For example, you may need to gather information from sources. You should always write when you are organised because you’ll finish the work in less time.

5. Make the Time

You want to write on a set schedule so make time where all you do is write. You need to concentrate on the tasks at hand to avoid procrastination.

6. Turn Off Distractions

Step away from your smartphone and the internet in general when you write. You want an area that is quiet and free of any sort of distraction before writing your content. The brief ‘notification’ from your phone and a quick browse on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms can see you losing hours!

7. Use Bullets and Lists

When you write try to highlight important points with bullets or lists. This will break up the content, so people can easily digest what you’re trying to say. Just like this article, stick to a fairly short numbered list.

8. Set a Length

Some articles only require a short 500 words, while other work will require more words. Think about where the content will be once it’s completed. More words aren’t necessarily better.

9. Explain Points Clearly

Each point should be explained clearly when writing. You want to avoid rambling on when you write. Get to the point and explain it.

10. Reference Important Points More Than Once

One simple trick in writing good content is to reference important points more than once in the article to refresh the readers memory. You can do this in a summary if you like or throughout the article.

11. Draft It

Often when we write, you need more than one draft. A first draft can help you get ideas down and then you can refine them into a more cohesive piece of content. A first draft can help you organise the structure. These first draft tips can be applied to any piece of writing.

12. Editing

Once the content is complete, go through the work and edit it to the best of your ability. If you need help, consider a professional editor. This is important for longer works that need greater detail.

These 12 easy steps to creating great content should help you with your writing. Just remember, you can’t write until you actually do, so sit down and start creating content today. If you need help or advice feel free to reach out to our team who would be more than happy to help!

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