123 Internet Group Join The Gigabit Revolution!

123 Internet Group Join The Gigabit Revolution!

123 Internet has joined the Gigabit revolution as one of the only full service digital marketing agency in Milton Keynes to now have an ultra fast gigabit fibre optic internet connection.

Over the past month, 123 Internet has been working closely with dbfb and CityFibre to install the latest fibre optic internet.  Now up and running, the ultra-fast connection reaches a speed of 1000Mbps! To put this into perspective; if your broadband speed is 50Mbps, downloading a game, 100 songs and a HD movie is up to 20 times faster with a Gigabit fibre connection.

The below table is a further example of just how fast fibre optic service is.

Source: https://www.fastmetrics.com/how-fast-is-fiber-optic-internet.php

Because fibre is not distance sensitive like copper-based services, the new line is far more reliable than broadband. With less technical difficulties and greater flexibility, the team will now have more time to nurture new business prospects and create bigger, more creative projects for clients.

Efficiency and speed will also increase with the connection providing 1 Gigabit per second with faster download and connection speeds, allowing the team to download/upload files, share data and store information with ease.

Credit: dbfb, A handful of 123 Internet Group’s employees celebrate go-live.

The new connection has already made a massive difference to how the company works and will help significantly as 123 Internet continues to grow and expand over the next few years inline with their roadmap.

None of this would have been possible without dbfb and CityFibre, and everyone at 123 Internet is extremely grateful for all of their hard work.

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