14 Top Marketing Facts You Should Know Right Now!

14 Top Marketing Facts You Should Know Right Now!

When it comes to life, we were all beginners at one point. The same can be said of Marketing Strategy! From those who are only attempting to bring a website online to those that are buying billboard space – everyone has to start somewhere.

However; be you old pro or new blood there are some facts about Marketing that you need to know…and we’ve put together a few for your perusal.

  1. In 2015 the internet was the largest growing ad source, leaping up by a whopping 18.2% that year. Every year since big brands are steadily increasing their Digital Marketing budgets and many new media companies have arisen. Good news for everyone as companies flourish!
  2. It is estimated that around 80% of potential customers will visit (and judge) your website before making a purchase.
  3. Mobile commerce is a swiftly growing industry as consumers admit to spending up to five hours a day on mobile devices… some of that time spent on online purchasing.
  4. Half of advertising pro’s think that video creates the most long lasting impression on consumers.
  5. 50% of all Social Media followers ‘like’ at least four of their favourite brands – although 45% of those will stop following the brand should it become overly self promotional.
  6. An average consumer will have to see your brand between five and seven times before they recognise it, it takes even longer than that to build trust.
  7. Building a brand can be more effective for return custom than direct sales.
  8. Consumers will judge your webpage in half a second.
  9. And if they don’t like it you will hear about it on Social media first…
  10. The first position in a Google search has a 36.4% click through rate, emphasising the importance of content marketing.
  11. 81% of online shoppers conduct research such as reading product reviews before buying anything.
  12. Only half of all search queries are longer than four words!
  13. 60% of all marketers say their main current focus is expanding online presence.
  14. And on top of all this – 19% of people now use Siri daily!

As you can see Traditional Marketing structures are fading and blending into Digital ones, and while it’s estimated that at some point the growth in the Digital Media companies will stabilise – but until then they continue to thrive as business soars. Year on year we are seeing a four or five percent increase in the amount of money businesses are spending on the Digital front.

So now that you are armed with some of the basics you have a rough foundation of where to begin. Get on with the website or start creating Social Media accounts – but remember that content creation sells. Above all else have fun with it – the internet brings its own form of transparency where sometimes the best thing you can do is just to laugh it off.

What other marketing facts have you learnt and are willing to share? Please share these in the comments below to help others.

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