20 Social Media Tips & Tactics To Enhance Your Presence

Here is some advice to help you grow your online presence through the use of social media.

1. Identify Your Goals and Objectives

Before anything else, you need to identify your objectives and goals. This involves knowing about the different social media platforms so that you can best utilise them for your needs.

2. Show Your Human Side

Customers want businesses to engage with them, which is the biggest benefit that you can get from using social media. Use your social media to not just post articles but to also respond to posts by customers and interacting with them when you can. This helps customers feel connected to you.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial to being successful with your social media presence. If you are not regularly posting on your social media. If you are not posting relevant posts on your social media a few times a day, you are going to be forgotten.

4. Know Your Customers

This will help you to better target your posts to ensure that you are attracting customers that are going to purchase your products or services.

5. Use Your Logos

Brand awareness and logos really go together. The minute you see a logo, you can pretty much tell what company it is. This is recognition that you need for success.

6. Be Picky About Content

You should only post or share things that are relevant to your company. This content must be high quality, otherwise you will be hurt by it rather than benefit from it.

7. Share Your Social Media Accounts

It is important to freely share your social media accounts with everyone. Just be careful not to overdo it, as this can come off as too spammy and turn customers off from your company.

8. Using Social Media Management Tools

Social media tools give you the ability to schedule and track posts to see what is working for you and what isn’t. This allows you to adjust to maximise your views.

9. Quality Images

High-quality images allow your posts to stand out, attracting the attention of your customers.

10. Don’t Forget Videos

These should also be high-quality to be successful. Videos give you an opportunity to introduce your brand or products/services so that customers can clearly understand who you are as a company.

11. Optimise Posts

Keywords are important here, much like on your blogs or website. Find keywords that best work for your company to ensure that you are targeting the right group of customers.

12. #Hashtags

Hashtags can bring more attention to your social media accounts and your website when used properly. Again, there is such thing as overdoing it so keep that in mind when using them. They should be relevant and you should not have too many of them.

13. Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be the most popular, but there are numerous other social media platforms that you should be suing to make the most out of your online presence.

14. Research

Businesses do see a nice boost thanks to social media, but you may find that not every business can benefit as much from using social media. Use your social media to understand about your target base and find out how you can get more attention to your accounts.

15. Customers Need Reasons

The fact is that customers need reasons to follow your social media accounts. Without posting anything of value or engaging with customers, people are not going to follow or share your social media pages.

16. Q&As

Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) are hugely popular. If you want attention, put yourself or a representative out there to answer any questions that customers may have.

17. Offer Help

If a customer had a negative experience with your company and posted about it on social media, use this as an opportunity to reach out to them and see how you can make things right. Customers will appreciate the feeling of being heard.

18 .Communities

Communities on social media accounts allow you to connect with others in the community and your customers. This gives you the chance to toss ideas off each other and find advice on how to be more successful.

19. Check out Competition

Use social media to check out the competition, discovering what works for them to help you improve your presence.

20. Pay for Ads

You can purchase ads on these sites for a reasonable price, which can get your name out there for customers to see.


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