4 Tips to Dramatically Increase your Email Open Rates

4 Tips to Dramatically Increase your Email Open Rates

Emails… We all use them but most of us have NO IDEA of the true potential!

Forecasts suggest that email growth will go from 109 billion in 2015 to 140 billion in 2018. No that may not seem a lot but how about saying “in 2018 the equivalent of 20 emails will be sent each day for every single person on the planet!” Okay so that’s A LOT!

Now according to eMarketer.com the actual open rates of emails are actually declining, yet email is still the basis for most marketing and sales. But why is that? Simply email lists are a huge asset in comparison to website traffic because of the fact that you are 100% in control of your email list.

Here are a few simple tips to help improve your potential email open rate;

Build Templates!

To start with you want to look through past sent emails and then sort these into the “Open Rate” and following that the “Click through Rate” this will be a lot easier if you use an email marketing platform. You then need to look at these trends, what is the content like? Is it Graphic Heavy, personalized, short, and direct? Now you can work out the best type of email to use for your audience to be able to get the highest response rate.

Walkaway Emails?

Now most of us have a huge contact list and yet never actually contact most of the people in them. Now with a Walkaway Email you are basically sending a final email to the prospect that basically suggests that you will have no further contact with them unless you get a response. This type of email is perfect for prospects that you have had trouble getting hold of recently. Your email should include the subject in which you first made contact over and if the opportunity is still there, if not is there anything else you can help with. If not then this will be your last point of contact with them… but be polite!

Sending Times…

Marketing Sherpa analyzed around 21 million messages and found that the emails sent at 8AM – 9AM and 3PM – 4PM had the best clickthough results. As well as Tuesday and Wednesday being the most effective days. This is due to people checking their emails when they get into work, and then just before they leave. It’s that Simple.


To get the best results out of personalisation you need data! Lots of it! If you then integrate all this into your CRM Platforms you can then add tracking events across your website. This will then help you to see the visitor activity in even more detail! Now you have the information about your prospects you can now use
their Name and their industry type for the subject! This should then double your open rates!

Okay so if you manage to adopt all of these tips (some harder than others) you should begin to see a huge improvement and eventually you should be getting at least a 100% increase on the original open rates! As well as this why not try asking for feedback? Just remember that you need to use email to BUILD on relationships.

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