5 Call-To-Action Tips To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

5 Call-To-Action Tips To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

A call-to-action on your website is a goal that you are guiding your visitors to satisfy – most typically a button or link. This can be anything along the lines of “BUY NOW” or “LEARN MORE”.

To ensure a greater conversion rate you need to be savvy with the CTA; you need to know your audience and understand what is more likely to get them to click on that button / link.

A good call-to-action should be short (no more than 30 characters in most cases) and concise, making it as clear as possible what someone will get when they click on it.

Here are five call-to-action tips to help get you started.

1. Give the call-to-action a strong command word

The simplest way to start driving call-to-action clicks is by leading with a strong and clear command:

  • BUY now
  • LEARN more
  • CLICK here
  • ORDER today
  • DOWNLOAD for free
  • CLICK right now

Each call-to-action has a clear verb leading it and is more enticing.

2. Lure your audience with a reason why

Why should your audience click a call-to-action? What do they get out of it? Is it a free product to try or a helpful guide? Perhaps a nice discount or a trial period offer.

Giving your audience a reason why is an important step that will certainly drive more clicks over a vague, unspecific call-to-action.

3. Push your call-to-action with a Fear Of Losing Out (FOMO)

Nothing helps drive more sales and action than FOMO: The Fear Of Losing Out. Consider these two call-to-actions:

  • BUY NOW! Only 25 products left
  • BUY NOW! Grab your product today

Which one is more likely to drive action? Yes, number one! It goes to show, it does not need to be complicated. Simple devices and tactics often work the best.

4. Mobile friendly always

One of the worst things you can do today is share or create something that is not optimised for mobile. This is especially true for your website and anything that runs on it (i.e. a call-to-action).

Why? In 2017, mobile internet usage was 58.9% with this figure fully expected to grow beyond 60% this year (source). This means that over half of internet users are now on a mobile!

You must be optimising all online experiences for mobile first – this is where the majority of your audience is right now.

5. Be creative and *STAND OUT*

The last tip is likely that hardest to do. Be creative. Think outside the box. Do the unexpected. Be engaging. Offer something that your audience has not seen before.

All of these will help you stand out from the crowd – something that is absolutely essential to compete in a world where content is coming at you at such incredible rates.

To do this well, you need to have the right tools to help monitor your call-to-actions. Try using digital analytics to see which call-to-action is working better for you. A/B testing – where you compare two versions of call-to-action against each other to determine which one performs better – can be a great judge for this. Did the more conservative call-to-action get more clicks, or did your creative one?

By implementing these five tips, your call-to-actions should be more appealing to your audience and see a significant increase in clicks on your website.

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