5 Effective Social Media Engagements To Swear By

5 Effective Social Media Engagements To Swear By

Effective Social Media Engagements To Swear By

Today we are going to be talking about the do’s & don’ts of Social media and how to turn those passers by, into dedicated fans!
It all starts with Social Media engagement…

So how can you ensure that you’re engaging the right way? People are constantly talking about engaging on social media but so few people even know how to engage with your fan base properly. The key is that every person and brand is going to develop their own unique voice when it comes to social media, but there are certain DOs and certain DO NOTs that everyone should be following to help develop your social brand!

1. DABC: Don’t Always Be Closing

When selling your brand you’re told to follow your ABC’s (Always Be Closing), but the reality of social media is that a better piece of advice would be to follow your DABCs.

You can’t ALWAYS be closing when it comes to engaging on social media. The goal for most social marketers is to eventually convert leads, but we can’t jump into our engagement attempting to close. Social Media is a calmer attitude, you need to build a rapport with leads, and the only way to do that is to engage with them on a human level and not salesman-only level.

2. Talk Like a Human

When talking to another human ACT LIKE ONE YOURSELF!

If there’s one thing that people hate about engaging with certain corporate accounts, is the lack of rapport. Making there posts seem like they have ZERO emotion or opinion behind it. Now, one has to take into account the political aspect that comes with running a social media campaign as a large company. Those in charge have a limited amount they can engage with. There’s an image to maintain and thus, a certain standard to keep. It’s finding that safe and comfortable middle spot that you and you business can sit upon.

3. Don’t Discriminate

You might think that targeting your industry’s influencers may be the best solution to your social media woes, And while it might be true that engaging with people who have thousands of fans or followers might lead to a quick gain, it could go sour. Just think, there are far more people out there with seventy-five or one hundred followers than those with seventy-five or one hundred thousand. A slow gain of followers but a growing one at that.

4. Fashionably Late is a Social Faux Pas

Social media is an ongoing conversation. People are talking constantly and when it comes to your brand, they are talking to you. A recent study showed that the average online attention span is roughly 8 seconds, you can’t expect people to be waiting around for your response for too long. And when it comes to all that social media has to offer you can see the notification and respond as quickly as possible. You are half of the social conversation, so you can’t be late to the party!

5. Never Ignore Questions or Negative Comments

This is the most important article to follow I thought we should leave the most important one till last. When dealing with bad press and bad comments think of your brand’s image both in the eyes of your customers and the general public… the two types of posts you never want to ignore are questions and negative comments.

First, let’s look at questions. When someone goes out of their way to engage with your brand and ask a question, they are generally doing so because they want an answer but they don’t want an answer a days from now. They want an answer ASAP. This is a traditional call to action that we see in ads and commercials, and social media takes the first part of that CTA out of the equation. So when someone has a question, answer it! You wouldn’t have a hotline for leads to call in to if you didn’t have anyone manning the phones, would you? This is the same concept.

You should never ever ignore negative comments. In doing so, you are showing that you don’t mind bad press, what makes us (the fans) think that maybe you deserve it?

The proper way to deal negativity it is to see negative comments as a great way to deal with the situation in front of your whole fan base. They can see how you deal with the problem and if dealt with correctly, will make people more likely to ask for more engagements when they are experiencing difficulty with your service/product/page, giving you plenty more opportunities to help and engage!

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