5 Email Marketing Tips To Keep In Touch With Your Clients

5 Email Marketing Tips To Keep In Touch With Your Clients

Getting a customer to purchase something from you is great. Retaining a customer, so they stay loyal to you and your brand, is glorious! But how do you achieve glory when competition is so high and an individual’s attention so precious in our content busy lives?

While social media has its perks, you need to rely on your customer following you and taking note of the content you share. You could also do something more personal, like physically call each customer or send out advertising in the post but these are time consuming (and may be aggravating to some people) and costly respectively.

So how about email marketing? A message sent directly to each customer that you can tailor to your heart’s content…sounds like a winner!

Here are 5 top email marketing tips to help you keep in touch with your existing customer base:

1. Use a good, professional email marketing service

This is essential for two massive reasons:

  • a good service will come with helpful tools like email builders, reporting / analytics tools and a very handy list manager
  • a good service will cover all the legal obligations such as adhering to upcoming GDPR regulations, allowing your customers to easily opt-out from your mailing list and ensuring you cannot spam your customers

Recommended email marketing services to look at include:

2. It’s better to send regular short and informative emails rather than long, boring emails irregularly…

Keep your emails succinct and informative, so not to bore your customers with long pieces of text. You want to give enough information to entice your customers to do further business with you.

How regularly you send them may well depend on the service you are providing, but use your better judgement. There is too much for certain, but there is also too little! You’ll simply lose your customer’s interest if you send too few emails.

3. …BUT don’t overwhelm your customer

There are not many things that put people off more than being sent something too often! If you start filling a customer’s inbox daily you are likely to start seeing your unsubscribes going up.

4. Try not to include attachments

Attachments are often viewed with some distrust unless the email being received is well-known to a person.

With most good email marketing services, you will be able to build your emails using templates – so if you want to include images and videos this should be relatively simply to manage.

If you do want to send something as an attachment (perhaps a coupon) how about directing your customers back to your site where they can download it instead? They get the coupon and you can direct traffic back to your site and if installed could trigger remarketing too! It’s a win-win!

5. Be interesting and enticing

The art of email marketing is all about how you can entice your customers – with the ideal goal to be for them to complete a call-to-action. Be interesting and share content that they will find valuable (mostly on an emotional level).

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