5 Marketing Concepts You Should Know!

5 Marketing Concepts You Should Know!

5 Marketing Concepts You Should Know!

Profits from Customer Loyalty

The usual online campaign focuses on single sales; this is where that particular campaign is expected to sell, however in some cases these campaigns fall short and don’t manage to get the return that they should. It is much easier to sell to existing customers than to try and get new ones, so instead of just looking at targeting new customers, provide a strategy to help sell to your existing customers with things like promotions for example.

Lookalike Audiences

Then it comes to online marketing ads, it all depends how you use them. Get advertising platforms to collect data about the type of customers you receive as well as their online behaviours, you can then use Lookalike ads to target people similar to your existing customers.

Use Social Media

Often business are unsure about joining social media because they think it isn’t a very good advertising platform and that they won’t really benefit from it, this couldn’t be further from reality. As with other platforms, social media will work differently for different businesses. As a rule, use Facebook for targeting customers, and try Twitter Video Ads to help reach a greater target audience.

Test Different Channels

Although testing new advertising channels may not mean you are immediately profitable, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It may be you need to add some optimizations before splashing the cash. After all, a new advertising channel can convert up to 50 percent more than an existing one. New advertising channels are especially beneficial for businesses that need more traffic in order to boost sales.

Lean From Campaigns

If you don’t learn from your campaigns then you’re not going to make much progress with your marketing. Use a platform that is able to record customer data for example; what pages the visit, what products they bought, how long they spent on the site, age, gender, location and more. Then use this data to your advantage to scale up results.

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