5 Straight Forward Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Social Media

How do you drive traffic to your site and increase engagement from social media when there are so many people out there doing the same?

I thought I’d take the time to provide 5 simple and straight forward steps that you can take today to improve your social media presence. That’s right, five easy steps that will make a difference!

First things first – Structure is strategy.

Take a look at websites and social media channels of the big brands. They tend to have a specific structure giving them a unique presence on the web. Their structure is their strategy. Think about it, you may not have a big budget or a suite of marketers but you don’t need that. All you need to do is to identify your target market – who are you trying to influence? Think about what kind of topics you can post and when you should post them – stick to a routine and structure and you’ll do well! Always make sure everything is on-brand, use your logo within all image posts and reference your website where you can – If you’ve got a good blog on your website, share that!

Know your audience.

Your audience is simply the people you want to connect with. And, unless you already have a huge presence on the web and social media, it should be easy to identify them. They are just like you. Don’t think this is foolproof, though, because you want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Even so, this is a good starting place. Create a persona for each service/product you offer – who is the buyer, what do they like, where are they based, their title/position, industry, age etc etc.

Appreciate your audience.

You know when you have an issue with an Amazon purchase and you log the complaint, what happens next? That’s right, you get an email immediately. This is Amazon letting you know that, even though they are big, they are aware of your problem. Being smaller in scope you can mimic this approach. A personal touch goes a long way toward gaining and keeping your contacts.  Notice that I say contacts. You want contacts, not followers. Be personable and stay in touch, join in conversations. Provide value to others, add comments and your thoughts highlighting your experience and knowledge to others.

Add video and audio.

You notice what many news sites are doing these days, they are using gifs to draw your attention. If you are nervous about jumping right into video then you can use this simple and easy technique as an attention getter.

Keep learning and experimenting.

This last one might seem pretty basic and it is. Which is exactly why it gets forgotten. Learn about the new technologies available. Learn about the different avenues you can use to deliver your message. Experiment with new themes. Ask your contacts what they think and welcome their suggestions. You may find some good ones that you want to implement and, if you do, give credit.

So, there are 5 steps that you can take immediately to improve your use of social media. Remember, structure is strategy and you develop your structure around your audience – but not too tightly. Appreciate your audience by always staying in touch, be helpful and considerate. Video and audio can really spice up your web presence.

There are many more insights available on the web and here’s where you can keep learning and experimenting. The more you learn the close you get to your audience. The closer you get to your audience, the better your social media footprint. Even with all the competing sites available, you can be ahead of the curve.

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