7 Essentials For Any Digital Marketing Strategy

Your competitors are constantly reviewing their digital marketing strategies and so should you. To stay in, and even ahead of the game, here are seven essential points to consider for your digital strategy.

Website: Cross platform standardisation

The world is increasingly turning to mobile devices for anything from social media engagement, web-surfing to email. Your site needs to look the same (or even customised) on a smart phone as it does on a laptop or large monitor.

Cross platform standardisation is not a one-time fix, like everything else in your business you need to ensure the quality of your site frequently as small changes in the digital infrastructure can impact appearance. Installing heatmaps and monitoring your Google Analytics can help support your decisions to make changes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you are unfamiliar with this term or just have a vague understanding of it, then it’s time to get to know it for real. SEO, sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing also – is arguably the single most important facet of your digital strategy. It determines where your company shows up in any given (and relevant) web search.

The good news is that you can control this (to a certain degree) and you can consider it free advertising if you can secure those ‘top spots’.

Website Performance and Speed

Ensure that your site and your communication loads fast. Nothing will lose potential Customers and website visitors faster than content that loads as if it’s on dial-up. Focus on this and you will be miles ahead of the competition, very few sites are capable of providing ‘real-time’ experience for their Customers.

Again, run frequent tests to ensure your service is up to par and remember, there are lots and lots of high-quality tools available to help you out. Don’t be shy about asking for help.

Video & Animation

If you aren’t producing high-quality video content to communicate your vision and your service/product then you need to start immediately. Don’t worry about producing the epic ‘viral’ video, just work on simple, basic and quality educational pieces. Once you have these video fundamentals down then start expanding into more creative flare.

Remember, walk before you run. One of the best platforms to showcase your knowledge through video is here on LinkedIn – Just make sure your online profile is at it’s best before attracting the attention of potential customers.

123 Internet Group produce a range of videos, including our monthly company round-up.

Special offers and loyal Customer discounts

Tailor these to your Customer, it means you appreciate them and that goes a long way. Avoid, if you can, a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It may take a little more effort to customise but your clients will love it. It is far cheaper to keep and grow an existing customer than attracting and securing new ones – look after your current customers and they’ll probably refer you to others like them too!

Know your competition

This facet cannot be emphasised enough. Visit your competition’s site and their social media channels, see how their presentation of their services/products works and how they present to the Customer.

Remember the old adage of Picasso, ‘Good artist borrow, great artists steal’. Understanding and appreciating your competition can only help your business.

Regular and defined messages

Any successful campaign is a result not simple of logistics or luck but, more importantly, a number of regular, defined and focused messages. Since we are discussing digital strategy, you will need to know where you are going and why. Know your market and know your Customers. Understand what your customers need from your content, what you offer and why they should use you. Stay focused on this aspect and it will help you to develop and maintain a coherent digital marketing strategy that will be the backbone of your enterprise.

Sun Tzu in his very famous book, “The Art of War” said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Now, respectfully, we should replace ‘enemy’ with ‘competition’ because your competitors are not your enemy, they can be your greatest asset spurring your success by helping to drive your digital marketing strategy.

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