8 Common SEO Mistakes That Ruin Your Content Marketing

SEO or search engine optimisation is a big part of getting your content out there. You need to optimise your content for search engines, but we often make mistakes in doing so. Here’s 8 common mistakes that ruin your content marketing. Try to avoid these when creating your content for SEO purposes.

Local Keywords are Important

Many people don’t know how important SEO is to your website. One thing that is critical for your website is local keywords. One mistake we make quite a bit is by using the wrong keywords that aren’t optimised for our content. For example, you might have a restaurant in London. You need keywords for London, not the entire Country! If you target the entire country, you won’t get the local traffic you need for success as most of your customers will come from London and not the entire Country.

Too Many Links

We need links to our website, but often we have too many links. You should focus on links that are of a high quality. It’s not the quantity of links you have, but the quality of them. You need good links to authority websites that are well known, not the guy that has three articles about a random topic. These quality links can have keywords which are relevant.

Poor Content

Your SEO won’t matter if you have poor content already. Your SEO needs to focus on high quality content that has good value for the reader. If you have good content, this will make the SEO powerful and you’ll get more business.

Wrong Audience

You maybe targeting the wrong audience with your SEO. Make sure your content is focused on those you want to reach and not just random groups of people as this will bring you better leads which will results in sales.

Short Content

You may have content that is too short, and SEO isn’t working as effectively because you have too many keywords. search engines may see some short articles as spam if they are littered with keywords. Here’s the plus and minus of article length that can help you.

Poor Research

You don’t research the right keywords for your site, or you use keywords that are already saturated. You want to target specific keywords for effective SEO content marketing. The wrong keywords won’t bring you the traffic that you need.

Poor Headlines

You should have headlines that capture the audience.In these headlines, youcan use your key SEO words. A good headline is just as good as a qualitypiece of content so make use of quality headline in your content marketing.

Cluttered Site

Your site is simply too cluttered, and you don’t have a focus. You need the content to have a good focus as this will make the content you provide relevant for readers. You don’t want your site to be all over the place it should have a clear focus about what you’re trying to say and the keywords should follow that focus.

These are 8 common SEO mistakes that will ruin your content marketing. You can put your content to good use if you spend the time to make your SEO the best it can be.


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