A Video Marketing Guide To Creating Epic Content On Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, And More

A Video Marketing Guide To Creating Epic Content On Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, And More

Video marketing is arguably the most successful form of marketing today. For your business to be successful you need to take advantage of it. By utilising multiple social media platforms, you can capitalise on your video marketing profits. Here are some tips on making epic content for those platforms.


Facebook has dominated the social media scene for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down which is why it’s an essential tool in video marketing. Its estimatedaround 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook in a single day. That’s nearly one 100 million hours being watched on Facebook daily! Facebook is particularly good for video marketing due to the ability to target viewers based on their interest, location and history.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making videos for Facebook. Studies showpeople respond better to Facebook videos that are shot in a square or 1:1 format. They also show up to 85% of people view the videos on mute, so remember to put in subtitles. Remember to have a catchy headline to get people to click and have a good hook in the first five seconds to get them to stay. It’s also important to export your video in the same format and resolution it was filmed in to ensure the quality is good.


Snapchat may be the newer of the social media giants, but its growing popularity makes it a force to be reckon with. There is a massive potential for video marketing as evidenced by Adweek’s report that Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos a day! With those numbers the potential to grow your brand is immense. Snapchat is particularly good with

There are a few things they remember to be successful on Snapchat. Your first snap is your most important as it’s the one everyone sees and is the hook to draw them in. It’s also good to consider around a third of people viewing videos watch them on mute so it’s worth using some text and drawings to get your message across.


If you don’t use twitter you might not associate it with video marketing however it’s estimated 82% of Twitter users watch video content while browsing. Considering Twitter has over 300 million active monthly users this is a great area to invest in. Twitter allows people to interact directly with people to form closer relationships. By creating personal content and following up with individual enquires on Twitter your showing people you care.

It’s good to remember when doing Twitter to videos to keep it human and personal. Showing people in the beginning of the video has shown to be more engaging and more likely to be viewed. Videos should either aim to entertain or tell a story. Remember to include a beginning middle and end for the later. The maximum amount of time is only one two minutes so you need to be concise! If you’re aiming for shares, entertaining videos are shown to be shared up to fifteen percent more often.


Instagram is another social media platform that’s managed to make a big impact. As of 2017, Instagram reports having 700 million active monthly users. With Instagram you open the doors to getting user generated content involved with your video marketing campaigns creating even extra buzz.

Like Facebook, Instagram users seem to respond more to videos shot in square or 1:1 format. A point to consider is Instagram videos start with no sound and require you to tap on the video to unmute so remember to make your video effective with silence. Make sure your post includes a hashtag as it’ll boost viewership and engagement. Instagram also has Instagram Stories which allows you to upload videos from within the last 24 hours of them being taken. This lets your audience feel like they’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening.


From YouTube’s report, they have over a billion users. To put that into perspective, in 2015 the United Nations reported roughly 3 billion people had access to the internet. YouTube easily is the world’s largest video search engine and should be capitalised on. By uploading your content to YouTube, you have videos that can be easily embed into your website and are also discoverable by people on YouTube and Google.

When adding your videos to YouTube it’s important to keep some things in mind to maximise success. Make sure your brand or what you find most important is conveyed within the first three to ten seconds. Add subtitles to your videos. Make sure you’re using the correct resolution and aspect ratio. Consider SEO-ranking and catchiness when creating a title and description.

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