Abi The Dog Joins 123 Internet!


Abi The Dog Joins 123 Internet!

A dog in an office? You probably think we’re barking mad! But having a furry friend accompany you while you work has a lot more benefits than you might think, and could even be good for your health! (Unless you’re allergic of course) When the mood starts to drop and deadlines increase, stress levels can start to rise within the work place and this is where Abi comes in…

Studies show that playing or petting an animal can release stress by reducing hormones, so if you find yourself needing a bit of a breather, then it might be time to consider the idea of bringing a pup to work. We are not sure why dogs have this instant mood booster, but maybe it’s because we can’t say no to their puppy dog eyes!

Of course a dog can’t be kept in the office at all times, it needs walking! Everyday people take turns walking the dog, this encourages people to be more active and get some fresh air. I don’t know about you but when I’ve been sitting down all day, there is nothing better than stretching your legs!

Believe it or not but bringing a dog in an office can, increase trust and bring the team together! Before you know it, everyone wants to be where the dog is, giving people the opportunity to socialise and see each other in a different light. Not to mention it will create a shared interest with other employees giving them something to talk about.

Now it doesn’t just benefit your employees it also benefits your dog! You no longer have to feel the guilt of leaving your dog at home alone all day, and they get all the love and attention they deserve. But something to remember is to check that everyone is okay with the idea and that the building allows pets before you bring them in!

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