Advertisment 12 – Twitter Ads Introductions

Advertisment 12 – Twitter Ads Introductions

Twitter Ads is now seen as an essential part of marketing due to its 271 million monthly users and their ads generating leads at cheaper costs of other channels. Twitter Ads are also 8 to 24 times higher than the average Facebook Ads with their click-through rates. You ads on Twitter will be able to reach thousands of people, possibly millions and you will only be charged per engagement.

Twitter Ads are a great way to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or possibly generate leads and sales. You will need to figure out what the objective for your ad is before you start creating it.

You need to create a goal before rushing into the Twitter Ad, the ads that you have created are there to help achieve your goal. There are three ways you can promote your company with Twitter Ads, you can promote a Tweet, promote your Twitter account or through a promoted trend.

A promoted tweet is pretty much the same as an organic Tweet but instead in this Tweet you will be pushing out to a specific target audience of your choice which works best for your campaign, this promoted Tweet will be displayed on your audience’s timelines.

Promoted accounts will be displayed under the ‘Who To Follow’ tab, this is really helpful for businesses who are looking for a quick gain in followers who could potentially become a lead. Promoted Trends are very good for starting conversations between users that are a part of your target audience and it also helps with raising awareness of your business or the product you are offering within your campaign.

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