Advertisment 4 – LinkedIn Ads Introduction

Advertisment 4 – LinkedIn Ads Introduction

LinkedIn Ads are created so that you can target a professional audience with your business. Depending what information someone may have on their profiles then you are able to target them specific to your business such as skills.

Depending on what pages your target audience are visiting then your ad will appear. You are also able to set your ad to be shown across other websites in
the LinkedIn Audience Network. Ads can will she shown on profile pages, the home page, inbox, search results page and groups.

You can also find ads at the top of the home page in a text link, this ad will not include images or logos. There are a collection of partner website with LinkedIn which create the LinkedIn Audience Network which also offers another chance to display your ad.

You are able to still target the professional audience when they are visiting these partner websites. You should keep in mind that these partner websites maybe overlap with the Google Display Network.

You are offered several targeting options to help you target the people who are most likely going to generate business for you. You are able to target your ad at people dependent on their industry, job function, seniority, geography and more. If you have specified your target audience then your ad will not be shown to the people that don’t meet these specifications.

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