Advertisment 8 – Bing Ads Creation

Advertisment 8 – Bing Ads Creation

There are many ways that you are able to target your most ideal audience with your ads. A common way of doing this is location targeting, this helps you aim your ads in the locations where you are most likely going to find paying customers.

You can target all locations worldwide, selected cities, countries or regions or near particular landmarks, postal codes or coordinates. With Bing Ads you are also able to select locations to be excluded from seeing your ads.

Targeting your audience at specific times during the day or week is also another affective way of targeting people. You could only run your ads through your business hours or you could find the times that your conversion rate hit its highest point and arrange your ads to be set for around them times.

If your product or service is aimed for a specific gender or age then you could use demographic targeting so that they can see your ads instead of wasting your budget on others. When setting your budget you should make sure you are comfortable paying that amount daily as that is your daily spend limit for your

With the standard daily budget your ads will appear evenly throughout the day. There is also the daily accelerated budget and monthly, the daily accelerated mean that your daily budget will be spent as early in the day as possible and monthly means that your daily budget will be spent as early in the month as possible.

When it comes to the actual ad you need to consider the headline and the description. Firstly the headline is the very first line of your ad and so will most probably be the first thing your customer notices. When creating your headline take into consideration that it can only hold up to 25 characters so use your words wisely and try including your keywords. The description is where you will describe your product or service but you are also limited to 71 characters so make sure everything you say is useful and important.

The keywords that you decide to use will be the same or similar that your customers will be searching for so you need to make sure the keywords relate to your business so the customers are not mislead. For each keyword that is added to your campaign you can decide how much you are willing to pay when a customer’s search matches the keyword you used and clicks on your ad.

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