Are email campaigns worth it?

Let’s get straight to the point and say yes, email campaigns are worth it. As long as you have done the relevant research and know what you’re doing, they can boost your online presence and relationship with customers.

By having set goals you’ll be able to have a key focus of what you want to achieve through your campaign. Some key tips to remember is that before you create your campaign you should use heat map information from your site to see what customers are interested in. You can then use this information to narrow down what top services customers are most likely want to see and advertise them in your campaign. Another key tip to remember is that you can’t push sales out to much on your campaign. This can have the opposite effect and push customers away, so try to think what you would want to see when you see a promotional email.

So, you might be wondering what can email campaigns do for your business. Some people may believe they are old fashioned, but in fact email is one of the top ways to communicate online. Some of the main reasons email campaigns are worth it is because email has a very large reach, believe or not but if you think about it when you sign up for something online whether it be Facebook or to buy a product online you have to use an email. Almost everyone who has access to the internet has an email.

Unlike other platforms such as Facebook, you can be assured that your message will be delivered through email. If your company has followers then only 2% will actually see your post unless of course you pay for boosting. Whether as an email campaign will be seen 90% of the time, it just depends if the customers want to interact with it.

One of the good benefits of email is that is has a higher ROI (Return of Investment). But this is only true if you have done the relevant research beforehand. This would include the target audience of your campaign, as you want to make sure you are delivering the right message to the right people. As don’t forget you are able to target people depending on where they live, gender, age and even interests.

Not to mention people like to communicate through email, unlike social media platforms email is a more professional medium and customer expect to receive information about products and services through it.

Overall using email campaigns are a great way to increase traffic and awareness of your site. And most of all it isn’t wasted money, as email will be around forever as it has a long history of stability and will continue to be this way.

If you find you are a busy company, 123 Internet Group can create appropriate content in monthly email marketing campaigns and deliver your companies message to potential customers. If this is of interest to you then contact us on 01908 231 230 or through our contact us page.


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