Are You Using A 360 Degree Digital Marketing Framework?

Is your business lacking in its online marketing division? Have you ever considered your website, as a whole, might be inconsistent and this is where the issue lies?

A 360 Degree Marketing Framework delves deeper into your website design, social media and online presence and development, marketing strategies, digital services, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid search consultancy (PPC) and creative branding understanding.

What is a marketing framework?

A marketing framework is the development of a plan to enhance your business opportunity or sales.

A Marketing framework might look at the following:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Analysing company goals, standards, and progress
  • Managing strategic operations to enhance productivity
  • Delivering content to the right audience

Many Digital Marketing Agencies will specialise or focus on one type of marketing framework. There are various types of digital marketing agencies including:

When creating a marketing framework, you might require the assistance of a 360-degree marketing framework specialist agency to ensure coverage across all marketing areas.

At 123 Internet Group we also provide photography, videography and 3D immersive property tours which can be a separate consultation or included in a 360-degree marketing framework service.

Using a Digital Marketing Agency to deliver an Outsourced Marketing Solution

You don’t outsource your marketing solutions to a Digital Marketing Agency simply because it’s what they specialise in. You outsource your online marketing to a digital marketing agency because they can bring growth to your company without jeopardising your company’s values.

It is the specialisation of reviewing, analysing, and exploring the best solutions for you and your company that choosing to outsource your marketing can do for you.

A digital marketing agency will consist of employees that are professionals in their field ranging from:

All of which, together, can assist you with making your online presence the best it can possibly be. Optimising your website traffic, enhancing your online presence, increasing customer activity, and boosting customer sales are just some of the improvements your business can look forward to if you’re looking to outsource for your marketing solutions.

Outsourcing your online marketing to professionals in the digital marketing world could supply you with short- and long-term solutions because the Key Performance Indicator Reports are tracked consistently to ensure results are delivered.

What are the Services an Agency can Offer?

A digital marketing agency can offer you a range of services that benefit your company, brand, or services whether you’re selling a product or providing a service.

The types of services that a digital marketing agency might provide are:

A Marketing Strategy & Plan

To define your direction and establish measures to be put in place to work towards a common business goal.

Social Media Management Services

Create social media content that will engage your audience and present an online influence that your customers and clients can relate to.

Content Marketing

Perform audits, measure performance and adjust business strategies where necessary to ensure optimum results across the board.

Email Marketing

Designing and sending messages via email to a wide group of people to enhance business presence and performance through email marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To optimise your online presence with thorough SEO by auditing, researching and implementing online SEO practices to be seen before your competitors, improve your online rankings, increase website traffic and boost customer sales.

Paid Search Consultancy (PPC)

Maximise your PPC ads to work for your business, according to your budget with staff who specialise in administering pay-per-click and online business ad-media strategies.

Website Design Services

Have an experienced Website Designer either improve or create your website to meet your business needs. Stay true to your business goals and objectives by selecting a professional that can work closely with you and your business to ensure you’re happy with the result.

Key Performance Indicator Tracking (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators measure a company’s overall performance across numerous or all sectors of the company. This might be done separately by team and brought to a monthly performance meeting where statistics are measured and solutions to downfalls are sought after. Key performance Indicator is where you will find the information to how a business is either succeeding or needing additional assistance in areas across the company.

In a 360-degree marketing framework, you can consider the above services all-inclusive. A 360-degree marketing framework will provide you with an overview and feedback on every aspect of online digital marketing.

Combining the above services to provide you with an overall solution to your online marketing presence and boosting your online efficiency as well as your company’s success.

The search results page on google provides the consumer with more relevant information than ever before, which is an opportunity for more SEO if you are savvy. Old SEO techniques won’t work anymore, so as long as you move with the times and adapt your SEO strategy, it is still one of the most effective, long-term marketing tools there is.

So, don’t write SEO off just because it has changed. SEO still remains relevant and vital in 2021 if you want your business to have an effective online presence.

How Can You Track the Marketing Activity?

Using our reporting dashboard, we can track online activity across your online business network.

The reporting dashboard tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across the following services:

For easy access and use, you get to see and keep track of all digital marketing progress in one place. The automated marketing reports mean you get to monitor your whole online presence in real-time which means you get to see where your business is succeeding and where improvements need to be made.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) allow you to understand your business in deeper detail where you can make essential adjustments to continue to execute your business goals efficiently.


A 360-degree marketing framework could benefit your overall online business presence. Tracking your marketing activity is a crucial factor in measuring and following the progression of your business. To be able to see, in real-time, how your business is improving and moving forward or where your business is lacking and needs some work can put you ahead of your competitors.


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