Artificial Intelligence & SEO Strategies

Artificial Intelligence & SEO Strategies

Artificial Intelligence is an evolving, deep learning process. Understanding a bit about how it works and adapting your SEO Strategies to speak it’s evolving language is going to be crucial to survival in the changing AI environment led by Google’s Rankbrain.

I will outline a few strategies you can implement straight away to join this new learning trend through looking at 5 familiar areas in a new way.

Optimising for Rankbrain



In the new Rankbrain deep learning environment to align with Google’s AI methodology it may be preferable to focus on one topic per website. This way Rankbrain can easily benchmark you alongside your niche tribe and you benefit from the upstream traffic as well as staying within and participating in the learning trends of your environment. There is survival in staying with your type in this new way of learning.


The quality of your back linking will become more important as AI can now analyse how long a visitor stays on your site. Therefore using the best backlinks and keeping the standard high and relevant is going to be increasingly valuable.

Linking is going to become increasingly relational and therefore the quality of your contact with your audience and other movers and shakers in your niche will also increase your credibility.


Rankbrain uses a yardstick example of a ‘good’ site and benchmarks this measurement as a standard to follow. To get yourself into the correct linking environment it becomes crucial to mimic the keyword use of your niche tribe. This means instead of the scatter gun approach to keywords, it is much more important to use a central keyword positioned as a core pillar with nodal terms as offshoots that are nonetheless synonyms for the key concept and write your blog posts talking to the key concept in a range of interrelated ways.

Content is King

Due to the way in which keyword use is now changing, apart from reeducating yourself about the new use of keywords, another, deeper way of insulating yourself in response to Rankbrain’s highly responsive, dialogic process, is to ensure that your content also is pertinent and beneficial to the user. This means your content needs to be talking to a key concept that in turn references a keyword.

You can protect your business from AI driven changes by ensuring your content appears across a range of related platforms so that if one element is effected you are nonetheless protected from damage to the core of your business.


Branding is a way of establishing your offering within your tribal environment starting with your own blog or website and connecting to other social networks that reflect the same area of interest.  Bridging this offline into your local environment and being listed and visible there as well is all part of establishing and maintaining your responsive and developing presence in a credible manner.

Finally AI powered SEO is already in place. Learning how to speak this new and evolving language is going to be crucial to thriving in the new environment.

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