BBC Three Counties MK Chamber & 123 Internet CEO Interview: EWR Plans For Expansion

Business leaders in Milton Keynes say that now is an opportune time for the Oxford to Cambridge Arc to become a reality not just an ambition

Milton Keynes is perfectly positioned at the heart of the project and the Arc could be the shot in the arm the region needs to help further unleash the potential of MK’s assets and businesses to create a world-leading innovative economy.

It is not just the development itself that will provide the opportunities to help the economy to bounce back, it is also envisaged that there will be further substantial development flowing from this initial investment.

Scott Jones, Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce said;

The plans for an Arc connecting Oxford to Cambridge is already bringing a benefit to our business communities with logistics firms keen to purchase warehousing space to access the planned improved infrastructure.’

Our area is where progressive companies come to collaborate, to innovate and to succeed. There are several factors that continue to make our area a centre for growth and productivity.

Our connectivity & exceptional employment land sites have consistently attracted highly skilled people into our many businesses and leading universities that continue to lead innovation in some of the UK’s fastest-growing, high technology sectors.

Louise Wall, Chief Executive at the Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Chambers have a clear message that with investment in our people, infrastructure and business communities, the South East Midlands will continue to create opportunity and growth to benefit the wider economy”

“Forecasts have shown that the increased productivity resulting from the completion of the Arc could double economic output to over £200bn by 2050. This will further increase our region’s role in the innovative, green and inclusive economic growth that can provide wider benefits to our communities now and in the future.”

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