Beginners Guide to Website Visitors

Beginners Guide to Website Visitors

When creating your website design it’s very easy to discuss how you want it to look and what’s going to look the best to you. But what about the customers? Having a technical site might look amazing to you, but to your viewers it might be frustrating to use and difficult to get around. During the planning process for your website, try not to design your website with yourself in mind but of the view point of your customers.

So now that you are considering the view point of your customers, you may think how would you approach this? Well, there are many techniques out there to help gain insight in what aspects to consider when you are visualizing your website. Some of these will include…

The show and hide test, it’s a brilliant way to de-clutter your website and only keep the essential items on your home page. To do this you would print out your home page and allow somebody who has never seen the site before to view it for 5 seconds, and then take the page away. Then ask them what they remember and what stood out the most to them. That way you will know what to keep on your site and what needs to go.

The squint test, this type of technique allows you to visualize what stands out the most on your web site. This can be done with any of the pages, and the idea is to get a blurred out version of your page then try and focus on what elements stand out. You want to make sure that all the parts that need the most focus are well highlighted and stand out to other features.

Heat mapping is a great way to visualize the behaviour patterns of your site visitors. It creates a map of most clicked areas and pages on your site, this can give you a good insight of what people are looking for within your site.

Another key point is researching your colour scheme and theme to insure that it is well target to your audience. This has to flow continuously throughout your site and relate to you business it’s self. Also make sure your site map is clear and simple to access, a well flowing website is more likely to be recommended.
When you gathered all your information together, you will be able to have a clearer idea of what your customer expect and need.

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