Benefits of using live stream for marketing

Benefits of using live stream for marketing

Online video streaming has been growing in popularity in the last few years, it’s a great way to get personal, live interaction between you and your audience. Facebook and Twitter launched their live streaming apps in 2015 which have continued to develop and grow in 2016. As with any new media platform, there were businesses trying to figure out how to market well on the apps with varying degrees of success. From what we’ve seen so far we’ve come up with some tips to help you on your way!

One of the great things about live streaming at the moment is how easily accessible it is. There is a good pool of quality platforms to choose from which gives you more freedom over your audience and more features to choose. This means that you can find what’s best for your brand and audience. Live streaming is only there for a certain amount of time which can induce a feeling of urgency and exclusivity in your audience, when they see your live stream they will likely not want to miss out on anything especially if your live stream is engaging.

One thing that live streams are always good at is interaction, you can go onto any live stream with an audience online and there will be people commenting on the video and talking with each other and the streamer, for a marketer this is a golden situation as you have instant feedback to act on as well as strengthening the customer relationship with your brand. Using live streaming as a way to interact with your audience is a great way to generate leads and convert into sales. A lot of brands are utilising live streams in this way.

There are no restrictions when it comes to what you want to live stream; it all just comes down to what you think would work best. There are a number of great ways to use live streams for your business. One thing to try live could be to stream a behind the scenes view of your business from this you break the barrier between the customer and business through your business being presented as an employee. Another great idea would be a live Q&A which shows the customer that you care about their curiosities and opinion.

Live streaming is a powerful marketing mechanic for you if your streams are good quality and relevant. Over time you should see an improved customer reception of your brand and better results on social media.

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