Content Planning: Easy Steps To Deliver The Best Digital Marketing Content Plan

Content Planning: Easy Steps To Deliver The Best Digital Marketing Content Plan

If you have any concept of advertising then you will be aware that, year upon year, Digital Marketing is replacing traditional marketing methods by a slowly encroaching percentage.

Big brands and small companies alike are turning to the internet to boost sales – and no boundary is too far. In fact; it has become commonplace to see adverts for products and services all over social media networks.

Content marketing is an aspect of Digital Marketing that focuses on providing interesting and current content to a select group of customers, with the aim of ultimately expanding brand awareness and attracting profits.

So what is Content Planning? It is the designing, writing and thought that goes into creating a strategic Content Marketing business model upon which a company can act. Usually Content Marketing can be transferred via viral video campaigns, by emailing customer lists, and by any other (often interactive) ad-campaign-focused online advertising.

A famous one in the UK is price comparison site ‘Compare the market.Com‘ who run a series of commercials which customers love to watch to see what happens next. They backed the ‘Compare the Meerkat’ adverts with an online site, which you can still access here!

There are a few easy steps to developing your own Digital Content Marketing Plan. The first section should outline the companies situational analysis and current position. The second section should be your business case; highlighting areas where you seek to improve the business through your Content Marketing strategy. The third section should give brief recommendations as to how you plan to achieve those targets, and should tell those you are pitching to very clearly how you are going to meet their aims (

In your plan you must include some demographics and describe which audience members specifically you are targeting, and how your story is going to positively affect their purchasing decisions or brand affinity. In short, your Content marketing Strategy should be a mini-business plan – a proposal upon which you seek to expand company interests. Once you have a solid foundation written the next step is simple… approach the powers that be and set up the meeting to pitch your idea to them.

So remember; when planning your new marketing strategy think about what message you want to communicate and why. Some of the best Content strategies out there provoke an emotional response from the customer – but there is a fine line between stressful and emotional.

When planning your strategy keep the specific goal of the project in mind… is it to drive sales or is it to attract new custom? Keep your concept clear and follow our pointers. We found this blog from that gives you a few more helpful hints on how to compose your strategy and content.

To conclude then; breaking your proposal down into manageable chunks will make it easier for both you and your superiors to digest. Clearly outline what benefits your campaign brings to the company and have a thorough idea of the marketing methods you would like your campaign to utilise.

Follow this advice and you will have a viable Content Marketing strategy to pitch with in no time! All there is left to do is to bookmark this page for future reference…

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