Covid-19 Update: 2021 New Year, Lockdowns & Digital Transformation

With the turn of the New Year comes new hope for many businesses, with the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination now on roll-out across the globe.

The previous year (2020) was a tough one for many businesses with uncertainty for employees and the future. From the outset, 123 Internet Group have remained positive and our dedicated team has continued to work hard, avoiding the need for furlough and providing both short and long term strategies to secure the best possible outcome and ROI for our clients.

As with many businesses, we moved to full remote working – investing in new technology – only returning to our offices when guidance allowed. For almost 9 months, we have been able to continue our growth, employing new staff and utilise our cloud-based systems in order to deliver our excellent service as we experienced a surge in demand for digital marketing activities.

With the rise of social media and online usage including e-commerce, we were able to support the local business community with our GDI Voucher Scheme. The discount scheme, working in collaboration with NatWest enabled businesses to save over £50,000 towards their digital transformation and marketing projects. For many, it was a life line which enabled them to move to the digital channels and continue trading.

With the continued lockdown and tiering system in place, many businesses are still yet to re-open and the economic impact remains unclear. The pandemic has had a global impact, with many employees still furloughed and many more unsure if their jobs are secure for the future.

We ended the year like many, focussed on celebrating our success during these difficult times and fine tuning our processes, services and overall offering.

This year, looking forward to the future and the new way of working, demand for our services continues and I am proud that 123 Internet Group will continue to offer on-going advice and guidance to new and existing clients. Using our many years of experience, multi-sector knowledge and full service approach, we look forward to continuing to offer a host of strategic, creative web, social media and SEO services.

Hopefully, as the vaccine is delivered globally we trust that tiers will be reduced and businesses will return to normal trading. 123 Internet Group and the team, will continue to be here to support all businesses across a range of sectors as we strive to deliver award winning advice, guidance and services.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the dedicated team for their hard work, commitment and trust during 2020, our suppliers and clients and very much look forward to a stronger, positive and prosperous 2021 new year ahead.

Take care, be safe and be kind.

Scott Jones
CEO, Founder

SEO Agency & SEO Marketing Experts | Milton Keynes | Northampton

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