Covid-19 Update: Lockdown Ready: Staff Safety, Digital Growth & Client Support

As COVID-19 continues to impact UK business, the news of a second national lockdown will no doubt be disheartening for many. Here at 123 Internet Group, we want to assure our clients that we are well prepared to continue supporting them through this difficult period, while following strict government guidelines to protect our hardworking team.

Health and safety remain priority. At the beginning of the pandemic, we announced our COVID-19 response and put efficient remote working measures in place to keep 123 staff safe. Investing in cloud-based technology, we moved all meetings online using Zoom video conferencing tools. Quickly adapting to these necessary changes, our agility as a company meant we could play our part in helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus, while continuing to deliver essential digital services and support to our customers.

While maintaining a strong, sociable work culture has always been at the heart of 123 Internet Group, it’s clear that the pandemic has worsened in recent weeks and is now a growing concern for businesses across the UK. None of the incredible work we have been able to achieve this year would have been possible without the support and dedication of our team here at 123, and so, like other responsible businesses, we must act now; not only to protect our staff, clients and visitors, but the future of our company too.

Therefore, in line with new government restrictions, we will temporarily close our offices from Thursday 5th November and reinstate our full remote working policy until further notice. Should you need to contact us at this time, we will be available on Zoom and email as usual. With remote working experience now firmly under our belts, we are confident that our level of service will not drop in the coming months – whether we can safely return to our offices in December, or must remain in lockdown for the remainder of the year. Of course, we will maintain our trademark transparent approach with regular client communication and further updates as are necessary.

GDI scheme

As an established agency, we are also committed to supporting businesses and non-profit organisations in the wider community through these increasingly unprecedented times. In September, the Growth through Digital Innovation (GDI) voucher support scheme was launched to help local organisations bounce back from COVID-19, with eligible applicants receiving a £1000 discount voucher towards digital marketing services to help stimulate growth. We have already helped local businesses to save over £50,000 in digital marketing costs, and are on track to complete these projects in the months ahead.

Due to its phenomenal success, the GDI scheme closing date has been extended, giving any businesses who missed this opportunity one last chance to apply for support and have crucial digital projects completed in 2021.

The GDI scheme will close at midnight on Sunday 15th November. To apply, click here:
A key benefit of being a leading digital creative agency is our ability to deliver our services remotely. We strongly encourage any local companies or charities who are considering a digital transition, creative rebrand, or who need additional marketing support to reach out. Our offices may be closed, but our door is always open.

A note to our clients

123 Internet Group would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-standing client base, who have continued with their retained services during this difficult time. In some cases, marketing investments have been increased, and we have also taken new clients on board. We are grateful to be able to support businesses in any way we can, no matter how small the ask, and truly value your continued loyalty and trust in us as a business.

123 were fortunate to achieve significant growth following the last lockdown, and it is our hope and sincere belief that this one will be just as successful for both our business and customers. Avoiding furloughing any staff this year, we recently employed five new team members as we ramp up our efforts to help businesses with their marketing needs leading up to Christmas. It’s safe to say we’re prepared for another lockdown. We are here and ready to support you.

While I am under no illusion that the next couple of months will be a breeze for business, I know that by working together and making use of the brilliant digital tools at our disposal, we can all pull through and bounce back even stronger in 2021. I look forward to a positive future, and a healthy, happy new year.

Take care, be safe.

Scott Jones
CEO, Founder


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