Covid-19 Update: Offices Re-open and Planning For Future Growth

Having surpassed 100 days in lock-down, many businesses are still yet to re-open and the economic impact remains unclear. The pandemic has had a global impact, with many employees still furloughed and many more unsure if their jobs are secure for the future.

From the outset, 123 Internet Group have remained positive and our dedicated team has continued to support a long standing client base, providing both short and long term strategies to secure the best possible outcome.

Working hard to communicate on-going advice and guidance to new clients, we’ve been able to assist with new branding, website development and SEO projects as well as plan and execute many social media campaigns with fast turnaround and the required ROI. It is with great pleasure that we have also continued to grow our team despite the uncertainty, offering three new roles during the pandemic.

Like many businesses utilising remote working and cloud-based systems, we have invested time during lock-down to update processes which have already seen an increase in efficiency and an improved client experience. By delivering training and improving our team’s knowledge we continue to deliver the best possible service and remain one of the leading digital marketing agencies locally.

At the beginning of July, we welcomed the majority of our team returning to our dual locations in Milton Keynes. With social distancing and the required refurbishments to the premises we have installed various safety measures and equipment including acrylic screens and sanitisation stations. By limiting face to face meetings, moving many meetings to online bookings and video conferencing we will continue to support the wellbeing of our team.

With the gradual relaxation of social distancing and the announcement(s) of the reopening of many businesses over the coming weeks, 123 Internet Group will be here to support businesses as we strive to continue delivering award winning advice, guidance and services.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the dedicated team, our suppliers and clients and very much look forward to a strong and positive future together.

Take care, be safe.

Scott Jones
CEO, Founder


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