Creating good social content

Creating good social content

Firstly, make it informative; think about what followers and subscribers need to know about your business. Where are you? Include pictures of the outside of your building and logo and a link to Google maps of where customers can find you. Who works for you? Introduce staff to potential customers with a picture and fun fact about each team member. You could also include how long they have been working for the business and what they enjoy about it. What are you offering? What service are you selling? And why are you different to other businesses providing the same service? Also share any useful tips that are related to your business, for example if you own a Florist, ‘Placing flowers near fruit causes wilting #tips’.

Engage with potential customers and ask questions about how they are, whether they have that #Friday feeling and what they are doing at the weekend. Using open ended questions paired with an image will encourage followers to share or re-tweet your post. Another way of engaging customers is to ask questions about current trending topics. Potential customers are much more likely to pay attention to your posts with you showing that you and your business have a personality.

Promote services and offers and other social media accounts for your business by including a link to your website and ensure any pictures you use are the correct size for each social media outlet and that they are view-able. Use as many photos as possible relating to your business and services so that your feed will be visual and eye catching as studies have shown that using branded images can help you gain 67% more audience attention and 93% say that images are the first deciding factor when buying products.

Some companies find they don’t have time to create valuable content for social media, here at 123 Internet Group we provide a service that does all the work for you! If your interested in this contact us today through our ‘contact us’ page.

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