Digital Agency Transports Logistics Company Into The Digital Future

Full-service digital marketing agency, 123 Internet Group, have revamped three websites for Dawsongroup plc to help propel the logistics company into the digital future.

Based in Kiln Farm in Milton Keynes, the agency redesigned Dawsongroup’s main website and Dawsondirect truck and trailer sales website, also creating a third site from scratch to support the new process cooling and climate control (PCC) arm of the business. The latter site was designed, coded, tested and launched in just two months.

123 Internet have built up a close working relationship with Dawsongroup over the last three years, proving to be a reliable extension of their marketing team. Previous successful collaborations include 123 managing Dawsongroup’s social media channels, PPC advertising, and LinkedIn Outreach campaigns for quality lead generation. The versatile agency also assisted Dawsongroup in launching their Van Ninja brand.

Situated locally in Tongwell, Dawsongroup sought the help of 123 Internet Group to reposition their business offering. Since starting out as a core truck and trailer rental business over 85 years ago, family-run Dawsongroup have seen phenomenal growth. Now specialising in the supply of commercial assets for clients, they operate across nine major sectors including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare and public transportation. As a group brand, Dawsongroup needed to refresh their online presence to consolidate their various products and services and provide a unified, consistent digital experience for customers and clients. They also required the functionality to track and analyse data, allowing them to measure performance and gain deeper customer insights.

Highlights of the main group website include the interactive home page feature image, enhanced with custom animation by 123’s in-house design and development specialists, to engage customers and provide an elevated digital experience. Visitors can hover over different areas of the image to see text bubbles providing helpful information. A new Insights news page has also been created, collating Dawsongroup updates to increase awareness of their wider business activity – such as developing pop-up vaccination centres and donating refrigerated trucks to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine across the country during the pandemic.

Dawsongroup are already reaping the benefits of their digital transformation. Within one month of going live, Dawsondirect page views have tripled, with visitors doubling and the average session duration increasing by two minutes. Bounce rate has also dropped by more than 20%.

As for the main Dawsongroup site, year-on-year performance is strong. Comparing data from March 2021 against the same period last year, there’s a huge increase in traffic, and bounce rate is 10% lower. These impressive statistics are proof that users are more easily finding Dawsongroup products and services, and staying on-page for longer to explore the solutions or useful content they are interested in. With outstanding results like these, it’s expected that the new PCC website will also perform well for Dawsongroup.

Dan Briggs, Marketing Manager at Dawsongroup, said

The growth in omnichannel logistics is driving the need for faster information for our clients and partners, so we’ve revamped our websites and improved our SEO and pay-per-click strategy to help more customers discover our newest services. 123 have been superb throughout – we’ve been really impressed by how seamless the whole redesign process has been, especially with such a fast turnaround on the PCC site – and the results speak for themselves!

Working throughout the UK and the rest of the world, Dawsongroup pride themselves on delivering scalable opportunities for growth and flexible, end-to-end supply solutions. With 123 Internet’s dedicated outsourced marketing services at the ready, they have all the digital tools they need to build on this success.

Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet, added

Our expertise across the logistics and transportation sector made us the perfect agency to guide Dawsongroup through their digital transformation. We’ve worked with them for over three years now, and will continue to optimise SEO and paid ad campaigns to deliver more relevant, quality traffic to the new sites going forward.

123 Internet are renowned for supporting clients from across the logistics industry and beyond. Recently revealing their 5-Step Roadmap to Marketing Recovery, 123 Internet have helped many local businesses and charities to take a more collaborative and connected approach to marketing, ensuring a smooth digital transition for success in the ‘new normal’.

Outsourced services range from website and branding design, through to SEO and PPC, social media management, print management, media creation and specialist LinkedIn Outreach programs.


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