Digital Marketing – Why You Should Be Investing In Email Marketing

Have you heard?

Twitter has joined the likes of LinkedIn and launched a new feature allowing users to subscribe to a Revue newsletter via its platform. In partnership with Revue, this new feature makes it easy for writers and publishers to send editorial newsletters, get paid – and gain subscribers in a more streamlined process.

By subscribing via Twitter, users will enter into a free subscription to that newsletter – with the option to upgrade to paid content if the creator offers it.

With an estimated 85% of British adults sending or receiving emails in 2020, investing your time in email marketing is a no brainer in 2022 – particularly with the launch of this feature.

But does your business really need email marketing?

Many companies believe that e-marketing is only suited to certain industries or only beneficial to subscriber lists in the thousands – but that’s simply not true. No matter what your industry, company size or target audience is, there are many benefits to investing in such a type of marketing.

Email marketing can be an effective way to not only retain current customers but to also grow your customer base. There is an estimated 85% of British adults that ether sent or received emails in 2020, which means that there is a lot of potential for reaching people with these types of campaigns. In fact, in recent years there was an increase in click-through rates from 0.9% to 2.4%.

Check out a previous article ‘Grow Your Customer Base Using Email Marketing‘ and learn how you are able to grow your base through using effective email marketing techniques.


One of the biggest benefits of e-mail marketing is that it’s low cost – particularly compared to other marketing channels. Many subscription services allow businesses to launch their e-campaigns for free – depending on the number of subscribers – and you’ll find you won’t need to spend any budget until you start reaching a wider audience.


As well as platforms already providing user-friendly layouts for emails, email marketing often means re-purposing previous content like blog posts, news or even product launches into shorter more bite-sized articles. Apart from an introduction, it’s rare that you’ll need to create content from scratch.


Want to share an amazing new product launch with your customers? Or perhaps you’ve got a great promotion coming up? By targeting this news into the newsletter – and into your customer’s inboxes – it avoids the content getting lost amongst various updates on your social media channels.


Email marketing is great for impulse buying, particularly if it’s in relation to a discounted offer or a new product. You can fill your newsletter with eye-catching call to action buttons leading straight to checkout in just moments.


If a customer is on your subscribe list – it’s because they’ve asked to be there. They’ve either signed up in return for a discount code or gone through the effort of opting in to receive the latest news and promotions – which means anything that lands in their inbox is seen by someone already interested in your products.

Email marketing and social media aren’t going anywhere. Discover how to target your advertising efforts, boost your social following and achieve higher engagement and conversion for your business.

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Email marketing can be extremely effective, no matter how large your subscriber list is or what industry you provide services to. By e-marketing, you can keep costs down, get company news seen by your target audience and even be as creative as you like. Finally, it can retain your current customers as well as help you draw in new ones. It’s a no-brainer.


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