Easy Tips To Write The Best Google Ads

Easy Tips To Write The Best Google Ads

Advertising on Google is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of advertisers using Google to get their message out. In fact Google searches show around 6 billion adverts per day. So to help you get the best results here are some easy tips to allow you to stand out from the crowd and get customers clicking on your adds.

Split your add into three sections

To focus your add better try a different think of it as three major components. Start with a catchy headline to grab people’s attention. Next sell your product. What does it offer to consumers? What makes it unique? Finally your call to arms. Give your customers a reason to click on your add.

Test different types of ads

Write a few different versions of your advert. You might try a version that is strongly focused on the benefits to the customer – the “what’s in it for me” version. Try a version that highlights the services, the solutions you provide. Finally try something a little different. Run all the versions of your adds and use the analytical to determine which is the most effective at generating conversions. By testing multiple versions of your advert you are dramatically increasing your chances of hitting on a winning add.

Use the word “you” whenever you can

Keep you add focused on the customer by bringing them into the add. If you feel tempted to use the words “we” or “us” or “I”look for a way to use “you” instead. Customers care about themselves not you. For example; ‘we offer great prices’. If you rewrite it as ‘you’ll find great prices’you’ll get much better results.

Don’t be too tame

When there is so much competition all trying to grab the user’s attention you can’t just rely on tame and straight forward adverts. You are going to have to find a way to stand out it’s tempting to think that the best add is that he one that is the most simple and clear. But, if you do a little testing you will find that the adverts that have the higher conversion rates are ones that appeal by offering more than just a product. What I mean by that is, adds that are funny, or emotive or even a little controversial are more likely to generate clicks because you are offering the viewer something that peeks their interest as well as offering them your product.

Know your audience

Before starting an advertising campaign, the most important thing is to know exactly who it is that you are marketing to. When it comes time to write your add keep that audience at the forefront of your mind. What works for a busy health conscious mum is not likely to work for a tech focused millennial.

Use your data to improve

Look closely at you data and see what is working. If one approach isn’t getting you the results you wanted then don’t be afraid to test out some different ideas. Just make sure you follow your data.

Hopefully you’ve found this article, and my others useful. As always – my team are always happy to help provide you with advice and support so feel free to reach out and contact us.

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