Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing is such a basic marketing tool but it is very effective to gain awareness and attention of customers, so that they gain an interest in what your business offers. When it comes to the email marketing trade, you must learn what to do and what not to do. It’s very important that you have knowledge of this marketing strategy before you use it, so it will be cost effective towards your business.

Email marketing Do’s…

There is nothing worse than reading an email with too much information crammed into one page, it looks unprofessional and very cluttered. So remember, it is always ideal to focus on a single topic. Make your subject line stand out. This is the first thing customers will see so make it irresistible. One tip would be to make it catchy, short and clever so it pops out to viewers, making them want to click on it.

To gain a higher chance of people opening your emails you should personalize them. By including someone’s name into an email it makes them feel important, and it increases your overall open rate. You should always tailor emails to different segments when creating an email campaign. Even though you are sending your emails to less people, by targeting one particular genre of people you will find that you will have a higher success rate. Not to mention less people will click on the unsubscribe button.

It’s always ideal to use a creative and clean style for your email campaign to give it a distinctive look. Some tips would be to have clear well written text and keep the images on a minimal level. Another tip would be to have a matching colour scheme layout. With this you can create a banner at the top of the page that would present your logo very clearly then a footer containing contact information at the bottom.

Email marketing Don’ts…

Never send out an email campaign without testing it as this could save you a lot of embarrassment. By testing your campaign you will be able to tell if it will look good on different platforms. A simple A/B testing is also ideal to insure you have the best layout and subject line. Spamming customers is a big no if you want anyone to respect and be interested in your business. Not to mention it’s illegal to contact any one without their permission. There is a vast amount of people who will see your campaign and it’s extremely important to not include offensive or hatful content. Your campaign should welcome people, so it is always ideal to get a second point of view to look at your content before it is sent out.

Never make the unsubscribe link difficult to access. It is a legal requirement that that the link should be clearly shown and easy to find, otherwise it can get your company in trouble.

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