Essential key features of every good website

A busy body website can look cluttered and unprofessional, although you might want all the information on the main page, you have to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. So by adding in essential features that every good website needs first, you’ll then be able to add on any extra desired features you might want. So what are the essential key functions all websites should have? Well to save you time and money we have listed some of the main functions you need to take into consideration…

Clear navigation…
Having fancy navigation might seem like you’re going in the right direction, but in fact it can over complicate your site and even make it slow to load. The simple ‘Home’, ‘Services’ and ‘Contact’ tabs keeps things straight to the point, but you have to consider what your marketing as that needs to be your main call to action.

Highlight services…
When a customer clicks on your site they should be able to define what services you offer just by looking at the home page. This doesn’t generally mean you have to list everything you do on the page, you just need to express what kind of genre your company is. Also remember to keep information relevant, straightforward and short as nobody wants to read detailed paragraphs of content.

Every customer base will have questions regarding your services or products, but it is important that these get answered and not ignored. Instead of having customers ringing you up every minute asking questions you can upload a FAQ page or a blog, this means everybody can have access to the answers and look back on the detailed information.

Clear contact information…
Having clear contact information is essential as clients will want to contact you, it’s always ideal to add in your email or phone number within the footer of your page for greater accessibility. Not to mention having an address and contact information makes your site look more trust worthy. Also linking in your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter gives another way for your customers to contact you, not to mention it will also promote your company.

Mobile ready version…
Smartphones and tablets are steadily overtaking computers and laptops, I mean why wouldn’t they? They are cheaper, lighter and easier to carry around, so making your website mobile friendly is pretty essential and not to mention it’s what consumers expect. Another aspect to consider is the way your site looks in a mobile format, as it has to be optimized so that it stacks properly.

What’s not to include…
Now we have discussed some of the key factors to include in your site, there are also a few functions of what not to include. The first one would be music, although downloadable music is okay but having background music on your site can make it lag and not everybody will want to hear it. Another big no is adding Flash in to your site, it is extremely slow and has a lack of security, not to mention it is not mobile friendly and you have to downloaded it to view the content. Lastly we wouldn’t recommend having anything that auto plays when you click on to the site such as videos or pop ups, this can really put people off.


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