Facebook Limiting Post Reach

Facebook Limiting Post Reach

Since 2007, you could create pages for companies or organisations on Facebook and collect fans and likes on their page. However this changed when 2012 came around, as page managers learned that only 16% on average of their Facebook fans were seeing their News Feeds. This fraction has decreased ever since. A study showed that between 2012 and 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook page dropped from 16% to 6.5%. Facebook pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%.

Based on these figures, that means a page with 10,000 fans could expect just 650 of them to actually see that page’s posts in their News Feed. So a page with about 1 million fans, only about 20,000 of them would end up seeing posts. This would annoy any Facebook page manager, by having less interaction means fewer conversations, leads and customers.

As Facebook has evolved into a more paid marketing platform, page managers are now realising that they’re now expected to pay for ads yet again to reach newly acquired fans. So now Facebook is encouraging marketers to look at their fan bases as a way of making paid advertising more effective rather than a free broadcast channel. So really, if you want to reach your target audience on Facebook, you will need to supplement you organic efforts with some paid advertising.

Some ways to overcome the declining organic reach, would be to be more selective about what you post. The aim is to get as much interaction from a single post as possible. Each post published to a brand page can be targeted to a specific audience regardless whether or not it’s sponsored. which may improve overall interaction with that post among other people who are likely to find it more interesting and relevant.

Another way would be to remind your fans that they can update their notification settings from your page, and also to encourage them to engage with your posts as much as they can.

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