Finding Your Brands Voice

Finding Your Brands Voice

So, you might already have a brand but are struggling to reflect its personality to customers and knowing your companies voice is extremely important. This is because it helps identify what direction you need to take to market your business properly. After all, getting your company recognised and remembered is what reels the customers in.

You might have the internal structure of your company put into place such as knowing the target audience and how to deliver products/services, but bringing in its own personality is what’s going to make it flourish. Some of the important visual presentations you need to consider are…

Colour Scheme
This is important as it will reflect and define your brand as a whole, so when you are choosing your colour scheme there are lots of things you need to consider. One consideration should be reflecting your company’s genre through colours, such as a gardening company using greens and browns. Another pointer you should remember is that your colour scheme must be able to work with black and white, also choosing a colour palette that is too light or too bright will cause designing issues in the future. So remember choose basic colours and don’t choose too many!

If you don’t know what typeface is, it’s how you speak, type and talk to customers. Everything from the way you pick up the phone or responding to a social message should all be in the same tone. This is to insure that your company is seen as a whole and not individual people.

The logo of your company is your trade mark, it’s almost the face of your company. When you think of a giant yellow ‘M’ you think of McDonalds, and that’s the same recognition you want your company to have. Some tips would be keep it simple and try to relate it to the colour scheme.

Once you have all the fine details in place you can then develop your style. This is everything down from your website design, text font and images. This will bring out and define the personality of your company to your customers. So if you want to be seen as fun, then go for a more creative and bouncy style.

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