Google responds with a responsive update. The result? Mobilegeddon…

Google responds with a responsive update. The result? Mobilegeddon…

The need for speed and access availability is essential for any functional business to increase the traffic flow to their websites.

Having a website is one thing, but having a website that can be accessed on mobile is top priority to any business to set its self apart from any of its competitors. But most importantly if your business gets most of its traffic through social media advertising, your site must be mobile friendly. This is because most social users will access these links through their phones, causing your page rank to lower.

Not only is it priority to have a mobile access site, but recent reports from Google say that 57% of users won’t recommend a business if its site is poorly designed. This will give customers a bad impression towards your company, therefore causing potential leads to go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience.

Some tips for an active mobile site would include:

  • A responsive design -This would mean layouts would respond based on the users screen resolution in a graceful manner.
  • Dynamic image scaling- This would mean images will not get distorted when they adapt to the mobile site designs.
  • Keep it simple! You have restricted space, so keeping in the key information is ideal.

Customers don’t just want mobile sites, they want fast access on these sites. People’s attention spans are getting smaller and will abandon the site if it takes too long to load, as now expectations on sites are getting higher. This is due to consumers being used to fast sites such as popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are lots of benefits for having a fast active mobile site, one being in a higher search ranking in Google. This is because Google wants to maintain a happy user experience with their consumers, and will bump up sites if they have fast page speed and load times. Some tips to lessen loading speed for your mobile sites would be minimizing the size of files and the size of your website. A second option would be compressing images and videos if they are too heavy, to help lighten the amount of data flow.

Overall, improving your web performance will boost its traffic, ratings and attract more attention to the business. As customers will have a better user experience, and putting you ahead of your competitors.

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Written by Jasmine Storey
Digital Marketing Manager

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