Grow Your Customer Base Using Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective way to not only retain current customers but to also grow your customer base. There is an estimated 85% of British adults that ether sent or received emails in 2020, which means that there is a lot of potential for reaching people with these types of campaigns. In fact, in recent years there was an increase in click-through rates from 0.9% to 2.4%. By reading on, you can see how you are able to grow your base through using effective email marketing techniques.

Determining Your Audience and How to Best Target Them

There are different audience types that you need to consider before you move onto your email marketing campaigns. Each different type of audience takes a different approach in order to get them to come to your business. This section will take a look at these different audience types and the best approach to bring them into your business.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are the people who you’ve never contact before or have never purchased your products or services before. In many cases, these may be people who have never heard of your company before. It can be hard to convert these people, but with the right email marketing tactic, you can increase your chances of getting those conversions. It’s important that you do stay on the right side of the law with this though, because there are rules in place about sending out unsolicited emails. There are approaches where you can send out compliant cold emails, that you should closely follow to stay in compliance of GDPR.

You need to start off with a short but catchy subject line that will attract the attention of the potential customer. It’s also important that you offer value to the customer in the email as well as offering a clear call to action that they can follow. These emails need to connect with the customer if they are going to be successful.

Win Backs

These are customers that have purchased items or services in the past from you, but you haven’t heard from in a while. Repeat business is important because it’s more cost-effective to retain customers than it is to get new ones. Send emails offering discounts or other special offers to get them to come back to your business. Be sure that you personalize the emails and stir up some emotions, such as “Is it something we said?”

Existing Customers

Existing customers are the ones that still use or purchase your products or services. You shouldn’t focus too much on frequently sending out emails to these customers because this might annoy them into not interacting with your brand again. However, you still need to be sure that you are sending them emails regularly to show them that their business is important to you. These emails should be personalized to them to get the best impact.

There are a few different types of emails that you can send to these customers including birthday emails, regular newsletters, and promotional emails.

Focus on Email Content

You need to be sure that the content that you put in your emails is right to entice new customers to come to your business. You need to not just present the right information; you need to present information in the right way. You want to make sure that the people who are reading your emails know who you are and what you have to offer. You need to start with an introduction that will catch the attention of the reader to bring them in to your business. Make the content short and impactful.

Know Your Audience

In order to think just like your audience does, you need to be sure that you know who your audience is. Once you know who your audience is, you can cater your emails towards them. This will help you make sure that you are offering the value that they are looking for, inspiring them to trust you for their specific needs. You want to show them that you are offering the solution to their problem, so knowing your audience is very important for growing your customer base with email marketing.

Quality Messaging

Email spam filters will filter out emails that lack quality messaging or because they are too generic. It’s hard to get your potential customers to see your emails if they always end up in the spam folder. This is why it’s important to spend time making sure that your emails have quality messaging. Quality messaging will reduce the risk of your emails being sent to the spam folder, where no one will even see them.

Look at Analytics

Analytics are an important part of any marketing strategy. Be sure that you are looking at the analytics to ensure that the marketing campaigns are working as they should be. You want to really look at things like click-throughs (CTRs), bounce backs, and open-rates. Reputable marketing programs offer the integrated analytics that you need to learn more about in order to create the most successful marketing campaigns.


Timing does matter. You need to be sure that you are sending out emails at optimal times to get the attention of the potential customer. If you are sending emails to a work address, these emails should be sent out while people are at work to increase the chance of them being read. Take timing into consideration when you are sending out emails to your potential customers.


Email marketing strategies can be extremely effective, especially to raise brand awareness and bringing new customers into your brand. However, it’s important that if you are taking the time to go with this approach that you focus on creating quality emails that your customers will want to open. For many of these customers, your emails to them are their first interaction with your brand. This is their first impression of you, so you want to inspire them to check your business out. Investing in a quality email marketing strategy will be beneficial to your business.


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