Hashtags For Every Occasion: Top Hashtags You Should Know And Use

Hashtags For Every Occasion: Top Hashtags You Should Know And Use

In the modern era the digital world is taking over the real one – and the Hashtag has become one in a long line of the newest, easiest and fastest ways to draw attention to a particular keyword. Whether it be business or pleasure – the Hashtag can be adapted to further your social media likes and gain you more followers… but what are the top tags that you should be using?

When a social media user clicks on a hashtag, regardless of platform – every post that includes the same hashtag will automatically appear. This is valuable because it can showcase your messages to an audience that is looking for something specific, especially if you use keywords that are related to your products, services or industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten tags as they stand today, so we may extrapolate the best uses for your purposes!

Hashtag No. 1: #love

Everyone’s favourite Hashtag is Love! Why wouldn’t it be? This is a regular with Wedding firms and services trying to advertise Valentine’s day. Nevertheless this tag occurs daily and in huge numbers… use it wisely!

Hashtag No. 2: #instagood

This is a tag reserved for only the very best of your Instagram photo’s and should be used sparingly. If you want to browse the web for unheard of photographs to hire – then this is the tag to search for…

Hashtag No. 3: #photooftheday

This is a useful little tag with which to grow your following. If you post an interesting photo every day you will soon attract likes. It can also be used to describe the best photo taken of a day, if that photo isn’t quite #instagood…

Hashtag No. 4: #fashion

This is a widely used tag that you will find everywhere on sites like Twitter. Any person that is wearing a particularly striking outfit that day will use it, clothing suppliers will use it in abundance, magazines and entertainment articles use it – you get the idea.

Hashtag No. 5: #beautiful

Fairly self explanatory and also often misspelled; this Hashtag is used to represent any photograph taken that one might find inspiring. Usually they are used in celebrity pics, often they are used by girlfriends, occasionally they are used by gruff, middle-aged men when their team win the cup.

Hashtag No. 6: #happy

Used every day by millions; you will usually find this tag on pictures of potential customers as they smile in the sunshine and enjoy each other’s company. Attaching it to products designed to make people happy? Priceless.

Hashtag No. 7: #cute

The success of this particular tag can, perhaps, be attributed to the high number of cat and dog videos and photographs on the internet. Cute sells.

Hashtag No. 8 : #tbt

This tag translates to “Throw Back Thursday” and is primarily used when people post old pics from years before. Several music and club venues have TBT nights where consumers are encouraged to come in eighties costume, etc. This has been used heavily on Facebook for some time now.

Hashtag No. 9: #like4like

This is a useful little number that offers a like for a like. If you like their photo, they will come and like one of yours. This one is a must for anyone trying to grow in followers.

Hashtag No. 10: #followme

Another fairly self explanatory one, this tag invites people to follow you. It is best used alongside interesting content and is intended as a reassurance that you will provide more in the future.

What hashtags do you use regularly? I’d be interested to find out and hear about your success stories. Please feel free to share.

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