How do you create an effective and dynamic advertising campaign while staying within your budget? Video.

How do you create an effective and dynamic advertising campaign while staying within your budget? Video.

Humans are lazy. fact. Let’s say you have a choice, you can sit and watch a video explain a product or you can read a page of text. I think I know your answer. So let’s get to the facts… Video drives search engines, and in some cases video is 53 times more likely to appear on page one of SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page) compared to text alone. (Video drives search results) Not to mention receiving three times as many clicks as articles without video. (OurTown website)

The key things to remember are;
We have an attention span of around 30 seconds and you only have the first 3 seconds to make a first impression. Mix it up, adding stills, close ups and the use of thirds will help add variety, and remember a little humour can go along way so keep it short and sweet.
Remember to add CTA’s (Call to Action), if a potential customer is interested then make it as easy as possible for them to contact you, try and include a phone number, web address and an email.
But the main thing to remember is that video engages a potential customer, being able to see something explained is a lot more effective than telling someone. Adding a face to trust will help build the relationship, helping you to stand out amongst your competitors.

When you talk about something going ‘viral’ you never mention a piece of text… In most cases it is a video that goes viral and in very few cases, a picture. There is a reason for this. According to a study by Wharton Research Centre, the average person only retains 10 percent of what they hear but 50 percent of what they see. To actually engage with your customers you need to be showing your services and products not just telling people.

You get the point, video is a great marketing tool when used properly, but it should be supported with a solid base. You need to have a mix in order to optimise your marketing strategy. Social Media, SEO, Print and online advertising like PPC are great places to start. Why not check out the rest of our blogs posts to find out more.

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