How To: Build A Company ‘Fan-Base’​

If you are shaking your head at the title and wondering how a company can have fans – then you very much shouldn’t be! Of course companies can have fans! That is how we get big, popular brands…brands whose marketing team know exactly what they are doing, and who have gone to the extra lengths needed in order to build up that fan-base and make themselves known!

But don’t worry, we are about to teach you how to do the same thing!

Of course, when we want to build a fan base it should start online. It should start with our social media channels, with attracting consumers with interesting and engaging content and with being a company that uses these accounts to promote an honest, transparent and integral company.

ByeStart tells us to listen to our customers. Improving their experience should be the beginning of any campaign – online or offline – to make your fan base grow. There is no point in building a high end website and investing time and money into it if you don’t actually have a product yet, or if your product is sub par. Building the best fan base a company can starts with customer experience, so listen to them, talk to them and try and find out what it is that they want to see from you!

Once done, you can start to build a content marketing program that will be right for both you and your customers. Social Media is a bit like a fire, the more you add the more you get back. So post every day and make that content as unique and likeable as you possibly can. If you have a solid product, good customer service and enough drive to make it work; you ought to have a fan-base in no time!

Using email marketing to your advantage is a great way to grow that fan-base. Email marketing invites customers who visit your page regularly to submit their emails, then they can be kept informed of all of the special deals and unique offers you send them through your email marketing program. Remember to spice it up with those all important stock photographs – you don’t want your piece to be visually boring, after all.

Other tips for growing your fan-base include ensuring that you post across all social media sites every day, linking your blogs, stock photographs and company news together to make it inspirational to customers and, if all else fails, running an online competition via one of your many channels should do the trick!

Bear in mind that less than 20% of your clients will engage with every post, so making sure that you post often and well is a sure fire way to promote your company. The average person needs to see a logo between 6 and 7 times before they will remember it for good, so harness the powers of social media to use it to your advantage and your firm could be set up for life!

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