How To Create A Marketing Plan To Kick Start 2022

Marketing has been completely changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so we will give you a great head start in your chosen industry by helping you form a skeleton of a plan.

From looking at your past actions to inform your approach today, to implementing new targets to work towards for the future, lets discuss the best marketing plans to hit and succeed in 2022.

Keep reading for a breakdown into clear and concise sections!

Reflecting on the Past

Reflecting on your past growth and failures is a great way to place yourself in a much stronger position for the future. It is important to analyse what your aims were for 2020 and study the reasons for this growth or failure. This will allow you to either repeat similar approaches to continue your growth in a productive way or act on what went wrong so you can help build a better future using your marketing strategies.

For example, some advertising strategies such as social media or SEO may not have been as successful as you had wanted. It is important to understand why success was not achieved and continue with your goals by tweaking your approaches with these goals in mind.

Creating New Growth Opportunities

There are a variety of goals that you can set yourself for 2022. However, some generally good advice to implement is that your goals should be realistic, and whether you have achieved them or not should be easy enough to understand, as if it hard to comprehend a lot of data towards your goals, this may create more problems than it fixes. It is also a much better idea to split up your goals into categories that are much more likely to achieve this larger goal. For example, you may want to improve your social media marketing, and this can tackle by first focusing on one particular social media platform, and making sure that you achieve your goals there, as you may take on more problems than you can deal with if you focus on too much.

This is a great way to start building a plan for your 2022 marketing strategy, but let’s look at how best to achieve these goals with some specific examples, such as search engine optimisation and social media focus.

Planning New Strategies

Whilst you may have your goals in mind, let’s look at some of the strategies that you can use to achieve these. You may be interested in developing a search engine optimisation strategy to help ensure that your client’s firm has a much stronger chance of appearing in search engine results, increasing the chances that the firm will be engaged with. It may be worth hiring an SEO professional to be a part of your team, who, with a detailed knowledge of web algorithms and marketing strategies, can help the business be promoted in the most efficient way, achieving your longer-term goals in marketing in this next business year.

Understanding your Audience

Marketing can only be successful if your audience is actively engaging with what you are promoting, in this way, a crucial part of your market plan should be tailoring content towards your audience that are much more likely to engage with.

Understanding how your audience thinks is extremely important, it’s not worth tailoring your efforts on Instagram if the audience that you are trying to reach is predominantly on Facebook, and this could lead to a huge waste in resources. Therefore, doing your homework on where your desired audiences are is paramount.

This could be a future goal in itself. From analysing previous marketing efforts, you may begin to realise that the audience that you are focusing your efforts towards the most may not be the best investment of your efforts. Therefore, changing up your target audience could be a viable new strategy for 2022 to promote your chances of achieving goals, or it might just be the case that you need to tweak your approaches if you have a specific audience that you want to cater for in mind.

Be Realistic & Set Achievable Goals

Having great goals in mind and a direction to move forward in is certainly great in theory to promote business success, but it is not necessarily achievable if you do not have the power to put these efforts into action.

For example, 2020’s pandemic may have left you with a much tighter budget than usual, meaning that you may not be able to hire that extra SEO professional as you are desperately grasping on to as much money as possible to keep your marketing approaches as strong as possible, understanding this can help stop you making ill-informed decisions.

Whether you’re updating your website for an SEO boost, or want to explore the benefits of a full rebrand, there’s a lot to consider before you begin.

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Creating Deadlines & Timelines

Now that you have your detailed plan and approaches, let’s see the best way to implement these in your chosen field so that your hard work will not have gone to waste.

It is important to create dates as to when you intend to implement your strategies to achieve your goals. By implementing something too soon, you may lose a prime-time period that could have increased engagement, whilst leaving it too long to implement can pose a similar threat. It is important to study your market and form your strategy deadline around your results to create the best strategy that works efficiently. Make sure that you create these deadlines to give your strategies structure and fit these more short-term goals into a much longer-term goal that you want to achieve out of this year.

Therefore, in order to create a great marketing plan for 2022, it is important to first reflect on the last year and on what went well and what went poorly, and to use this data to best inform your future plans. It is important that you keep your audience at the centre of your decision making, as without audience engagement, your approaches can be rendered useless, so keep your target audience in mind when creating these plans.

Finally, these plans should be direct, and not ambiguous and should fit into a larger goal for 2022.


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