How To Create Killer Google PPC Ads

Pay-Per-Click ads need to be compelling and relevant to compete in the advertisement filled world we live in. Everything a customer does, whether it be watching videos, checking their social media, or searching Google for answers, will expose them to a number of ads. In order to make your PPC ad worth it, it needs to stand out in this over-saturated world.

Your Ad Must Be Compelling in Less Characters than a Tweet

One of the most difficult aspects of creating compelling PPC ads is keeping them short, informative, and persuasive. Your product may have hundreds of features that make it better than every product like it, but the PPC Ad is not the place for this information. You have seconds to get the attention of your reader and convince them to buy your product. A customer will ask, “Well, why should I buy from you?” Your job is to show them, quickly, why that is.

Show Competitive Pricing

One of the aspects that a potential customer wants to know about immediately is price. Having competitive pricing doesn’t matter if the customer scrolling by your ad doesn’t know what it is. Include your price, whatever it may be. Making sure people know what they’re clicking through to will also ensure that more of your clicks result in purchases. If people click through to see the price and don’t buy, your traffic may increase but your sales won’t.

Risk Reduction

Let the customer know that relying on you will not disappoint them. Been in business for a century? Try and mention that. Lifetime guarantee? Put that in your ad. 30-day money-back guarantee? Put that in your ad. You have a very limited amount of space, so use it to your advantage.


Every Ad needs to feature a call to action. This can be the title, the start of the ad or the end. Just make sure you tell your customer what you want them to do. “Find your next van now!”, “Lower your debt today!” Or, “Get (Product) with 50% off today!” Use your ad to guide the customer towards what you think they need to do.

Create Narrow Ad Groups

When creating your ad groups, make sure not to cast the net too wide. PPC ads will show to whoever you have selected in your group of search keywords. If this category is too broad, your ad will be presented to hundreds of people that it doesn’t relate to. This is a waste of time and money! To make your ad as effective as possible, target it. Narrow it down to a smaller group of people who are likely to be interested in it, as opposed to a huge crowd who may or may not be interested.

Use a Tool to Analyse Data

After you’ve created an ad, you need to check on its success. If this is your first time really diving into PPC ads, get some help to make sure they’re effective. You need to monitor your statistics. How much is your budget? What is your average cost per click (CPC)? How many visits are you receiving monthly? What is your conversion percentage?

If you don’t know what these questions mean, don’t worry. Get familiar with your Google Analytics. You need data to check the effectiveness of you PPC Ad. Without it, you’ll never know how you’ve done. If you need help or advice on either Google Analytics or PPC – please get in touch with one of our team.

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