How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Website Visitors

How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Website Visitors

The internet can be tough business, competition is no longer about the person around the corner, but the people around the world. Global is brought to your door daily via your computer screen and mobile devices.

So how can you make the most of your website visitors when they do visit your website? How do you keep them there and bring them back when they do leave?

Design and Visual Content

First, you want to make your web content amazing and unique. Yes, they are there for a purpose to see what you have to offer but if it is boring or irreverent they won’t stay long or come back again. Using visuals in the form of pictures and slideshows will keep the visitor interested.

Your web design should be beautiful, exciting and something the visitor enjoys viewing. Designing your website should have the result in mind. People are visual in nature and like there surroundings to be attractive in some way, as well as relevant to what they are there for.

Think of it like the entrance to an amazing cafe, if you walk in and it is boring, unclean, small, without pictures and pretty plants or decor you may not wish to stay and taste the offerings!

The Statement

Your visitors are at your website for a purpose. Make your content relevant to what they are looking for but also unique. Put a personal mark upon what is written on your website, something they can relate to or understand. Give them information. Information is knowledge and it will keep them coming back for more.

If you teach them, they will come. This phrase couldn’t be more honest and to the point. Give a visitor a tool or information that can teach them something and be relevant to the topic they are at your website for, they will come back for more.

Tease Them

You want the visitors to come back to your website. So, like a game of cards, you shouldn’t reveal your hand all at once. Tease them, give them bits of information so they will return again and again. It will be relevant information, but it will leave them wanting more so that every day, every other day or so forth they will visit your website over and over, waiting for the next little bit of information.


Your website could offer little perks. Games to play, riddles to solve, surveys and contests to play for small prizes. These would be the fun ideas that also help keep people interested. Give them something to do. Maybe they are multi-taskers, aren’t we all? Give them something to DO while at your site as well as why they are their and chances are they will want to come back. This could be as simple as an infographic or whitepaper download.

In conclusion

Your goal in mind is to make the most of who visits your website, by using creativity and knowledge you will keep those visitors returning day after day. Once you have them visiting and returning – how do you convert them into prospects or leads? Check out my previous article on ‘How Well Do You Know Your Website Visitors?‘ to find out more.

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