How to Harness Google Analytics To Improve Your Search Engine Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the measure of success in an increasingly technological world. As a business owner, promoter, or marketer, it is important for you to make sure that your site has SEO. SEO influences how much traffic your site pulls from search engines without paying extra money. One way to see how your site is doing using search engines is by using analytics.

Major search engines feature their own analytics. Google Analytics gives you all kinds of information that measures how effective your SEO is. The most important analytic to begin with is your organic search. Organic searches are all the traffic that comes to your sight through search engines and is not paid for. These are the views that cost you no money.

Organic, in this instance, means “Traffic I want to make sure that I increase to save money.”

The chart above is an example of the Google analytics Traffic for an example site. This site has the optimal Organic Search Traffic: It is the highest traffic that they have. Their organic traffic dominates their referral, paid, social media and email-based traffic. That is what each company wants. Now, how do you get there?

Once you’ve checked your Google Analytics, you need to use them for your benefit. If your organic search results are low, you need to consider the things that can improve them:

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content sounds like a given, but it’s important. Try and publish new posts or pages as often as possible. However, don’t post often just for the sake of doing it! There needs to be a purpose to each post. Articles about your business, your product, or blog posts about your customer’s testimonials. Anything that can productively lead people back to your site.

Use Internal Links

If your site links back in on itself in meaningful ways, your traffic goes up. Link from your blog posts to your sites, and from your sites pages to other pages. Meaningful internal links keep people on your site, and it keeps your traffic up. Warning: Don’t overuse this! Too many links in too many different directions will cause people to leave sooner rather than to click around.

Use Social Media

Use your social media to target customers or potential customers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even StumbleUpon. These are all ways to reach out and find people. The more places you reach out, the more organic traffic you’ll get. Read about ways to double your social media presence. Get a Chatbot for your Twitter or Facebook Messenger. Add buttons to your site and different posts so your customers can share to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if they want.

And finally, MONITOR YOUR ANALYTICS. The best way to make sure your traffic grows is to consistently check your analytics. Your analytics shows you not only where people came from, but why. You can see what keywords led them to you, and you can use them more often. You can see if your paid traffic is paying off at all. Everything you do to grow your traffic is important, but it will never be as valuable as being able to use your analytics to check where your traffic comes from in the first place.


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